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Published on Jun 16, 2018


In the world of instant messaging, you know that the application queen is WhatsApp, many over the years have tried to give him a hard time, without success. The only application that can be considered as an alternative is Telegram, which is gaining more users. In this article we will see how to use Telegram.

The first thing we go to see what it is and how it works, analyzing the differences with the main antagonist, which is WhatsApp. The first difference is the principle of operation, in fact Telegram works on cloud, while WhatsApp local.

The operation in the cloud on Telegram mean that our chat and the files do not reside within our Smartphone, but will be in our personal cloud. This has a double advantage, the first is to always have our chat on any device without the need of any backup, the second is that the media, if not disabled, are not saved on the phone, and then not going to saturate the internal memory.

The word cloud can sometimes scare you, have no fear, the chat of Telegram are encrypted and inaccessible to third parties. Also, on the Telegram, there are also chat secret, that is, conversations in which the messages self-destructing after being read, so as to be no longer traceable.

Also on this app you can create groups in both channels, that is, groups that may have many participants, where only one person writes and all the others receive. The nice thing of the channels and of the group Telegram is that they can also be supergruppi with many of the participants, and you can also enter via invitation link.

Speaking of chat, on Telegram you can send GIF, emoji, stickers, voice messages and even video messages, which is pretty much a voice message with a video recording, very convenient in several situations.

In addition, there is also a section recently renamed the saved Messages, which first was a chat with yourself, that is a small space in the cloud where you can send any message or file to make it available on all the devices on which you have Telegram.

This function is convenient for transferring files from the phone to the PC, thanks to Telegram Web, or application of Telegram available for the computer.

The first thing you need to locate the Play Store, that is, the application that allows you to download and install the app on your Android device. When you have found make a tap on it, and it'll bring you to the home screen with the applications in evidence.

Now tap on the search bar and type in Telegram, since that is an application among the most downloaded on the Play Store will present you as the first result. You may also find another application called Telegram X, an application of the same principle of operation of the app, “mother”, but I don't recommend to download it to the novices of the Telegram.

Once you have sought out and found the app, click on Install and it will start the download and installation steps of the application. Once done, click on Open.

The process on iOS is not so different, in fact, we must also enter here in the store, that this time is the App Store. Once identified, click on it and select the Search function in the bar at the bottom. In the bar that will pop out, type Telegram and, in the research that you will be out, tap on the app with the icon of the airplane in white on a blue background.

You have done this you will need to click on Get and then on Install. Once the procedure is completed you will need to click on Open.

At the first start Telegram needs to be configured, the procedure is the same both on Android and both iOS, and is very simple.

The first thing to do once you start the application is click on Start texting (or Start Messaging). The fact this will open a menu where you have to enter your nationality and your telephone number. Enter as required and then click Next.

Now Telegram will need to verify that your number is actually yours, in fact it will send out a SMS to your number with a code to insert in the text field that is in front of you. Usually the entry of the confirmation code is automatic, if not, enter it manually.

Once you have verified the number you can immediately start texting with all your contacts in your address book who have Telegram.

After you have installed and configured Telegram, let's see how to use Telegram on various platforms. The operation is very similar on the two operating systems, but not the same.

When you open Telegram on Android you will find the list of all the chat, if you have already made a few, but it will be a blank screen. To start a new chat, you'll have to click on the pencil icon on a blue background in the lower right. You will find yourself in front of a screen with all your contacts with Telegram, at the top there is a menu with three options to create a new group, a new chat secret, or a new channel.

These three options also accessible in the menu on the left-scroll, which you open by clicking in the top left on the three horizontal lines. In this menu there are various options, including saved Messages and the Settings of the Telegram, by means of which you can change many parameters.

From the settings, you can change your profile picture, your Bio, notifications, and sounds, the management of mobile data, and saving of media on the phone and also the Theme of the chat to change the color.

Inside the chat you can, of course, send text messages, voice messages or video messages. There is also the ability to send GIFS, emoji and stickers by clicking on the button with the smiley face to the left of the text field.

To send the video messages you have to make a tap a fast one on the microphone icon that serves to record the voice messages. In this way, you will change the setting and you can send video messages. The recording of video messages, both voice mail messages can be blocked by dragging the finger upward while you record.

To send photos or files, you have to click on the paperclip symbol, a menu will appear where you can select the photos quickly, or use the options to send a specific file.

Operation on iOS is very similar to the one on Android, with some difference. In fact, to start a new chat on the iPhone you'll have to click on the top right on the pencil symbol with a white sheet. To enter in contacts, and in settings no longer need to use the scrolling menu to the left, but the bottom bar.

In fact, as soon as you open the application, you will be on the Chat section, you can select Contacts, or Settings. The settings are identical to those already seen for Android.

Also the operation of the chat is the same, in fact you can send the same things and in the same manner as already seen for Android.

So now you know how to use Telegram and that can be considered as a valid alternative to the old and dear WhatsApp, which in recent years seems to have remained a little behind with the features, while Telegram is always adding new things.

If you found this article interesting on how to use Telegram, I leave below other articles which may be of interest to you regarding this topic.




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