How to use Amazon Prime Video

Published on Mar 21, 2017

A few months ago, even Amazon has joined the community of online streaming. The giant e-Commerce has in fact launched its own service, Amazon Prime Video which is going to challenge Netflix and other giants of the industry.

Initially launched in America and is now also available in Italy. It offers titles such as “The grand tour”, and “Mozart in the Jungle”, “Transparent” and “The man in The high castle”, a series acclaimed as “Fear the Walking Dead” and films by Oscar as “Forrest Gump”. Now, however, let's see how it works for Amazon Prime Videos.

Let's start by saying that the service is offered together with Amazon Prime, so if you are the owner of this subscription you can also use it, if you don't yet have a prime membership we will explain how to activate it.

First of all, you need to have an amazon account, if you don't have one you can create it here. Once the account is created we will have to go to activate Amazon Prime.

Initially Amazon will offer a 30-day trial, after that period you will pay 19.90 € per year, if of course you decide to renew it, otherwise you can disable it safely. Click on the “sign up and use it free for 30 days”. At this point, fill in the fields required for the activation of Amazon Prime.

Closed the parentheses recording let's see with which devices is it compatible Amazon Prime Video.

Like Netflix, even Amazon Prime Video is compatible with a wide range of devices: Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire. In addition, it also offers the possibility to save our series of offline and watch them later. Another important feature is support for AirPlay, the Apple system that allows you to share content on a tv, unfortunately it is not yet compatible with Chromecast. It is also compatible with models in LG's smart TV, Sony and Samsung. Let's not forget, however, that streaming can be performed on up to 3 devices.

Now let's see what kind of connection is needed to be able to take advantage of the streaming Amazon Prime Video.

For standard definition you can simply connect from 1 MB/s, however if you start talking about streaming high-definition you have to have at least one connection from the 3.5 – 4MB/s. Finally, for content in 4k there is a need at least a connection from 15MB/s.

Once you have activated your subscription you are ready to access Amazon prime Video. To do this go to this page and click on Sign in located at the top right.

Use your data to Amazon for access, at the end of the login you will find in the home of Amazon Prime Video. At this point, to view the contents in Italian, click on “TV Shows”.

Here you will find 3 different categories:

Of course, many other content in Italian, you can find them also in other categories. To be sure that a movie or a series is available in Italian language click on the cover of the movie, here you will get a list in which are listed the languages and subtitles.

Of course to start streaming, click always on the cover, and then on the play button. Start playing by clicking on the balloon in the upper right you can choose the language options and audio.

By clicking on the gear icon you can choose the streaming quality (SD/HD/Car).

By clicking on the speaker icon you can adjust the volume. While clicking on the icon of the two darts, you will switch to full-screen view. Also here there is the possibility to stop the streaming and then resume from the same point at a later time.

Now, however, let's see how it works on the “watch list” that allows us to create a list of all the movies you want to see. To add a movie to Watchist move the mouse over the cover of the movie and it will open a menu containing the option “Add Season to Warchlist“.

To go see all the movies that you added to the watch list click on the icon of the little man in the top right and select “Your Watchlist“.

Now let's see how to download pero TV series or movies from Amazon Prime Video. First I will say that this option is available only for smartphones and tablets, then you need to download the application. Downloaded the app, open this scan and we are going to select the TV series or the movies to download. Now go to the episode you want to download and touch the download icon.

At this point it will ask what quality to download the movie. Once you have chosen a quality you will start the download.

Once the download is completed, you can find all of your movies / Tv Series downloaded in the download section. To visit this section, click on the menu at the top left and tap on “Downloads”

If you want to disable the possibility to watch the video in the network 3G/4G click on the menu button always in the upper left, then tap on “Settings”, here click on “Stream & Download“. Here you will find a “voice Stream Only Wi-Fi Only” and when killdry is enabled, you can streaming off under the mobile network, which is useful for you to enjoy on GB if you have a promotion to consumption.

Now you know everything there is to know about Amazon Prime Video, then you have to do is enjoy all the shows offered by Amazon!

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