How to unsubscribe from Telegram


Published on May 25, 2018


Are you tired of Telegram because most of the contacts with which you talk about using WhatsApp? You are good and you've decided to try the new messaging applications? Do not get a fault: these choices are subjective, so relax and let's see how to unsubscribe from Telegram.

Deleting your account means losing all of the conversations, images, videos and any other files exchanged with your contacts. In the case of this application, once the account is canceled, you will also lose the bots telegram that you've been using groups or telegram which followed.

To cancel your account, you must go to the specific page provided by the developers of Telegram, then enter your phone number in the box with Your Phone Number, being careful to prefix that, in our case, is +39.

You will receive a message on the Telegram containing the confirmation code and enter it in the Confirmation Code.

This is done, click on Sign in, you'll see three options:

Choose Deactivate account: you will be asked why you're leaving Telegram. This is a response optional, so you can very well skip. Finish by clicking Done.

Well, your account has been deactivated. To unsubscribe from Telegram means that after a new access to the application, you will be recognized as a new user, for which you will start from scratch.

If you still use Telegram but you have the impression that in time will be useful to you, you can rely to the self-destruction of the account, that will automatically delete your profile Telegram after a certain amount of time you decided. To set it, you need to:

At this point, in the section, Delete my account, select the time range you want (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year).

The fact that you set the self-destruction of your account Telegram, you're quiet: if you no longer use the messaging app after the period of time you set, you will be automatically deleted from the platform.

We are sure that if you have successfully performed the elimination by Telegram, are you looking for something else. Here you go a list of articles about WhatsApp, and others that may entice you to return on a Telegram. A good read!




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