How to turn off I have Tried Three

Published on Jan 03, 2017

They were beautiful times, in which some of the services related to calls, such as the various “Vodafone Recall”, “LoSai Di TIM”, and the company singer, were completely free; 2014 was the year in which this gratuity is lacking. All operators, who before and who after, have decided to impose a tariff on services of that kind.

Three of Italy was not less.

The service I've Tried Three Italy, in a few words, it lets you know with a text message, who has called us when our phone was switched off or not reachable, thus giving us the possibility of recall.

Quoting the site, Three Italy,

When you are busy on another call, when your phone is off, or you can not answer...uses You've tried! With this service you will receive an SMS informing you of the Calls/video calls lost.

The service I have Tried of the Three is active on all new SIM cards and has a cost of 90 cents per month only in case of actual use, the cost that is charged to the first receipt of the SMS notification.

If we don't want to pay for this service, we can disable it at any time: we discover how to do it!

In contrast to what was seen with all other operators, disable I've Tried Three Italia is absolutely simple: there is no need to be enrolled in the web portal, nor to the Internet or special requests to items that are automatice.

All what we have to do to turn off I have Tried Three Italy you dial a code on the numeric keypad of our phone (like if we wanted to initiate a call) and press the button to start the call.

The operator has made available three different codes: one to turn off I have Tried Three, and the other to re-activate the service and a third party to know the current status. The codes to dial (followed by the start button, call):

We just have to wait for the completion of the request to disable, enable or query to read immediately the result. In case of problems, switch off I have Tried Three we can always call the operator and ask for help in following the instructions in our guide.

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