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Published on Jun 07, 2018


If until a few years ago, the use of translation machines was the prerogative of the more visionary science fiction, the introduction of tools that are more refined and user-friendly has made it a lot simpler in the approach to foreign languages in the most disparate fields. So, to translate messages, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype has become a true no-brainer.

In the guide that follows, in particular, we will see how it is possible to translate messages WhatsApp in a few simple taps thanks to Google Translator, or using the paid app iTranslate.

Owning a smartphone is without a doubt synonymous with immediacy and speed of access to data and communication. For this reason, it is possible that we both found to chat with strangers of other nationalities in the name of a common passion or that maybe you are receiving a message bearing information about a hotel room booked or on other services.

If until a few years ago, the language barrier did not deter the more awkward, currently the tools and applications that simplify the life of many. The main and useful application to the automatic translation of words or entire texts in multiple languages (103 in all) is definitely the Google Translator.

Let's see how to exploit it to translate WhatsApp messages on Android devices.

Although the application in question is pre-installed on most devices of last generation, in the case where you do not have, you must:

Open Google translate > Tap the Menu icon in the top left (three horizontal lines) > Make a tap on Settings > Tap to Translate > Place the blue check on the Active voice.

Once you have completed the configuration of the Google Translator, to translate messages WhatsApp you will need to:

Of course, in the Google Translator it will be possible to change the language of the text to be translated and of the translation. Not only that, in the same window you can also write your answer, translate it in the language of interest, then select it (using the tap for a long time) and copy them to the conversation of WhatsApp.

In the same way, it is possible to exploit some of the potential of Google Translator also on the devices of the house of Cupertino. You will need:

How easily you will be able to understand from the tutorial just ended, if the use of the Google Translator, for instant translation of messages WhatsApp is extremely simple on Android, it is slightly more cumbersome on mobile devices (iOS. For this reason, it might be worth investing a few euros (4,99€ / month after the trial period of 7 days) on the application iTranslate (iOS, Android,).

iTranslate behaves like a keyboard alternative. Let's look at the operation on iOS:

At this point, you will have access to a tutorial for adding a special keyboard, dedicated to the instant translation of text messages. In particular, to use it you will need to follow this sequence:

System settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add new keyboard > Keyboards third-party > iTranslate

Here is that iTranslate will appear in the list of keyboards available for use it will be necessary to place on the item “Allow full access“. Finally, tap “Allow“.

To translate WhatsApp messages with iTranslate on the iPhone you will need to:

Here is ended, our guide on how to translate WhatsApp messages free of charge using the aid of Google Translator, or with the paid app iTranslate. For more information about working offline Google Translator and its general characteristics or features of the main of WhatsApp is the recommended reading:

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