How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung


Published on Aug 11, 2018


You have decided to replace your old iPhone with one of the last top of the range offered by Samsung (e.g. Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+) and now you want to know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung? In this guide today we will talk about this topic, proposing a series of solutions to do this. Don't waste time and let's see just what to do.

The first solution that we want to offer you to switch contacts from iPhone to Samsung is to use the application Smart Switch is created by the Korean manufacturer. This, in fact, allows you (among many things) to move contacts. Before seeing how to do this, you need to make a backup on iCloud otherwise the procedure will not work.

Let's see how to use it:

Samsung Smart Switch is also available for the PC, then you can do the same also from the computer by clicking on Restore from the initial screen of the program after connecting your Samsung phone via USB cable. To be able to use this method, however, you need to create a backup of the old iPhone using iTunes.

One of the most simple, fast and effective to transfer contacts from an iPhone to a Samsung is to use the Gmail account setting it is on the iDevice and on the terminal Galaxy.

Let's see together how to proceed:

If you do not want to use the method seen a little while ago, then you can transfer the contacts from iphone to your new smartphone purchased manually.

Here's how to do it:

The path is more or less similar on all smartphones of the south Korean company.

In addition to those listed a little while ago, there are other solutions that allow you to transfer all the contacts from iPhone to a Samsung smartphone.

Let's see them below:

After seeing in detail how to transfer all contacts from an iPhone to a new Samsung, we invite you to read some of the latest articles published on ChimeraRevo you can find the link below:




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