How to stop smoking: a direct witness!

Published on Apr 08, 2017

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The smoke is certainly one of the vices most prevalent in our society, and at the same time is one of the main causes of diseases are often fatal; a lot of people want to know how to stop smoking in order to improve the quality of life and feel better with themselves and others. We can see the path that many ex-smokers have done, summed up in five steps, and that has allowed them to understand how to stop smoking.

It's crucial to have the desire to quit for yourself, not for someone. If your boy/girl, husband/wife, parent, or anyone else expects you to stop you, but you are not convinced, no work.
That is for you to want to change your life, the other to the maximum can help you and support you, but not imposing.

Every smoker sees a cigarette a life companion, there is always: for every joy, in every tears, after they had made love, after having passed an examination, after a quarrel. Well, it is not so. The cigarette is just a habit, that you created; it is not a person nor an animal, not the ferirete by turning it off for ever, not will do them a wrong, because, in fact, is not nothing.
All those moments that you think you've spent in the company of the cigarette, in reality you've spent alone.

It may seem strange, but the electronic cigarette is only the latest of many setbacks that the trade has pulled out to rip you off of money. Something that replaces the cigarette, but the maximum becomes an alternative for times when you cannot smoke. Be honest: how many of you have really left the cigarettes to switch to electronic cigarette? How many have both, and maybe between one vaping and the more you smoke two or three cigarettes classic?
Skip the missed.

Often the message that is being launched is: who smokes is an idiot who spends money for something that will kill him. Totally wrong, those who smokes is not the most idiot who does not smoke, only someone with a defect.
So, do not feel guilty for your vice, don't feel obligated towards others, nor in anxiety, do not be in a hurry. It is a challenge with yourself, to improve your life and its quality, go slow. Starts to drop, eliminate the cigarettes that you know fumeresti mere habit, and not to desire. Also if you smoke a little, surely at least one of the cigarettes consumed in a day, you can avoid it.

This is crucial: you find a stimulus, a reason to quit. That is a sport, whether it's a path your own, which is a child, find a reason, find something that will make you understand that there is so much more than cigarettes. Maybe even a trip that you really want to do, but you can't, why spend 100 or 200 euros per month on cigarettes. Just like you said at the beginning, that this motivation is yours and only yours, and not imposed by others.

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