How to send WhatsApp messages with “OK Google”


Published on May 21, 2018


Is now many years since Google introduced the iconic " OK Google, to awaken their assistant on Android. Initially in the form of Now, then as the Assistant, the assistant of Mountain View has undergone many transformations and has landed on iOS, threatening the Syrians, his closest rival.

The executable commands from Assistant Google grow as the eye can see: we can control the home lighting, the surveillance system (provided the components are compatible), or more trivially, we have carried out the assistant for some tasks that normally we do with the smartphone in everyday life.

In this guide we will see how to send a message on WhatsApp with “OK Google” going to awaken to the Assistant Google.

Assistant Google is the new voice assistant, proposed by Google, that simplifies many of the actions that characterize our routine, how to get traffic information or directions to the nearest service station. Not only that, it is a true interlocutor with whom to chat and make fun of.

Assistant is available for smartphones with the Android operating system Marshmallow 6.0 or higher: you can access it via the Google app or by downloading the appropriate application Assistant Google on the Play Store.

To awaken to the assistant it is possible to proceed in two ways, by pressing and holding the home button or by saying “OK Google”.

In order for the speech recognition to happen, you need to record your own voice. Open the app Google and go to Settings > Settings (Assistant Google) > Phone > Detection “OK Google”. Automatically, you will be asked to pronounce the sentence of awakening for the three times. Subsequently, the assistant wakes up, every time you go to say “OK Google”.

On iOS, the server is only usable via the application Assistant Google on the App Store.

Once opened and conducted the first configuration, you will be able to take advantage of some of the features that Google offers on Android, how to receive the info about the traffic or the weather. It is not possible to send messages or make calls, as the application would be in conflict with those of the Apple system.

To send a message on WhatsApp without opening the application and manually type in the text, we can rely on Assistant Google. Simply proceed in this way:


Carried out of these short operations, your message will be sent on WhatsApp. Using only your voice!

Definitely a guide on how to send WhatsApp messages thanks to the Assistant of Google is not enough. Of course, these articles may find useful: how about you take a look?




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