How to see if a person is online on Messenger


Published on May 27, 2018


With the advent of WhatsApp and Telegram, the messages on Facebook are a bit gone out of fashion, but are an excellent way to talk with someone which you do not have the number. Sometimes, however, it is useful to understand if a contact is online on the Messenger or not, to see if he has seen, or may see, your message.

The first thing you have to remember that the contacts you see online on the Messenger, and all those who have the application, of Messenger open at that time, but also to all the people that are online on Facebook, the application from both your PC and.

The ways to see if a contact is online there are essentially two, mirrored both on PC and on iOS and Android. One method is to check the last access, the other is to check the active contacts at that time.

Check the last login on the Messenger is similar to what is done on WhatsApp or Telegram. In fact, just access to the contact that you want to check and look at the inscription that appears beneath the name.

If that person is online at that time, then it will say Active now under the name, which means that in that moment, that contact is online or on Messenger or on Facebook. In fact, even if that person is not using the chat at that moment, but he's checking his Home of Facebook, then it will appear online.

If instead that person is offline, then under the profile name you will find written On/in (time) does, which will make you understand how much time has elapsed since the last login on Facebook for that contact.

To implement this method you must then log on to the chat of the contact you want, as if you wanted to send a message.

Another method to see if your contact is online on the Messenger is to open the list of active contacts. To do this, simply open the application of Facebook Messenger and go on the voice Active present in the top menu.

In this way you will have a list of all the contacts that are currently active on Facebook. Close to writing Active, you will also find a number between parentheses is the number of active contacts in that time.

In fact, you will see them with a green dot in the lower part of profile photos, that is a clue to make you understand that those contacts are online.

Then check to see if a contact that you want to write is online on Messenger is not difficult, just follow the advice given above. Now you can “spy” on all your contacts to Facebook without problems.

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