How to remove ads on WPS Office

Published on Oct 31, 2017

Wps Office is otherwise known as a clone of Microsoft Office. In fact, the interface is so similar that Microsoft has done because to Kingsoft. But it would be simplistic to reduce WPS Office, especially in his incarnation in 2016 to a mere clone, it is in fact a very good office suite, a fast, free and easy to use.

You can learn more by the depth that we have dedicated.

Unfortunately the free version has an annoying popup that appears at the betrayal, to remove forever any advertising by WPS Office 2016, you can refer to the next paragraph.

There are various meditate to eliminate annoying pop-up, one of the most convenient, and that we propose consists of taking advantage of the Windows firewall.

Just a few steps, and you'll never see appear the advertising on WPS Office.

Click on start and type “wf.msc” (without the quotes and press Enter), this will open the screen for managing the firewall.

To the left, go to Rules inbound connection, at this point, scroll through the list and look for the entry wpscloudsvr.exe and click on it with the right mouse button and choose the item Disable rule.

Then click on wpscloudsvr.exe again with the right mouse button and click Properties, in the screen check Block the connection.

You have finished the ads there molesteranno more and you can freely use all the options and functions of WPS Office.

Our study about WPS Office is finished, we hope to have provided you with the way to make the most of a great alternative to Office. Let us know what you think with a comment and don't forget to also follow us on social Facebook and Twitter.

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