How to recover deleted pictures Android

Published on Feb 21, 2018

Anyone, at least once in your life recently, you will be heard pierce from the classic dense of those who have unintentionally deleted content (photos, videos or files in general) that, instead, he wanted to keep it in the memory of your smartohpone Android. Between photos of grandchildren, cats and birthdays, important it is possible some of these are sadly deleted, perhaps in error. What is it then? Rely on all the gods Of Olympus (or maybe let off some steam against them) certainly will not solve the problem, it is much better to fold on the healthy rationality.

If it is true that in the field of it there are very few problems without a solution, the first to guarantee 100% the reliability of the methods to retrieve images accidentally deleted on Android devices that will be proposed in this tutorial, you must make a premise.

Although there are many useful programs for the recovery of content that have been deleted from Android devices, these may not work the best due to the architecture of the operating system. This, in fact, without entering into details too specialized, requires that each file stored within it to handle a certain sector. Each time a file is deleted, the sector that the “contained” becomes available for storing any new files (can be overwritten), which makes it almost hopeless to the file that it occupied previously that same position. A man or a woman notified...

After the necessary introduction, let's put aside the psychological terrorism, and let's see how it will be possible to recover deleted images on Android devices.

The preliminary operation must be to check the Trash in Google Photos. Your photographs from the Gallery are, in fact, move inside the folder known as the recycle Bin where they will remain for 60 days, except for being permanently deleted. For this reason before jumping to more drastic methods may be useful to follow these steps:

In this way, the selected image will be moved in its initial position, and les jeux sont fait.

If you rummage around in the recycle Bin, has not had the desired impact, all that remains is to rely on programs or applications designed specifically for this purpose. Needless to say, since the advent of smartphones, there have been proposed many. Just give a look on the Play Store to get an idea of the large volume of applications, recovery for files of all kinds we have tried several and here are a few that we recommend:

All applications mentioned are free (or provide for the purchase of the Pro version) and need not be necessarily the root of the phone. In this regard, might also be interested in this guide on how to recover deleted photos.

If even in the trying to take advantage of a smartphone application has been successful, there remains the possibility of using some computer software. Among those that we tested:

This program is extremely user-friendly and available in free version or Pro (for Windows and Mac) and allows you to recover files deleted from the memory of your smartphone in a few simple steps:

Here are finished our tutorials including several very useful solutions to recover pictures accidentally deleted on Android devices. If you have found this article interesting and want to learn more about the topic, take a look at:


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