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Published on Jan 05, 2018


Have you carelessly deleted the images that were not meant to and now you are desperate and you look for how to recover deleted photos on Android. I don't know how many times I have receive requests for help: “I accidentally deleted some photos from my cell phone, can I get them back?“, “I accidentally deleted a video, can I somehow retrieve it?” and the like.

In reality recover photos, videos, files and deleted documents in Android is possible, as well as any system or unit of mass, but the problem is that the operation can not go to a good end, and there I explain why. The same thing can be done with the PC, so if you want to recover deleted files on your PC then you can refer to our leaflet on how to recover deleted files.

Without entering too much in details computer, you must know that a file occupies a given sector on the operating system and every time you delete a file, the sector is free and back at the disposal of the system. If and only if the system has not overwritten that sector, then it is possible the recovery of the deleted file, otherwise, the operation is practically impossible (in fact, it may still recover, but are very long and complicated, and that often make use of tools for ad-hoc in the possession of the forces of law and order and the like).

To recover photo, video, music, documents or anything else from an Android device, you can refer to some programs that will help us in this task.

As already explained it is not said that they recovered all the files (or those that interest you), and it is also worth pointing out that there are other limitations that depend on the file system of the operating system.

Also there is a way to permanently delete files on Android and will prevent it from recovery.

But back to the problem: how to recover deleted photos on Android? There are a number of processes: some consist in the use of applications while others take advantage of the programs for the computer. Personally, I recommend the use of the software for the PC because the more powerful and complete.

In both cases, however, there are greater chances of success in trying to recover photos and files deleted if your device has root permissions active.

Below is the complete list of programs and applications that you can use.

The first app we recommend you to retrieve deleted photos Android DiskDigger is free, and can restore and recover lost photos and pictures from the microSD card or the internal memory of the phone.

The important thing is that it requires root permissions: if you have accidentally deleted a photo, or formatted your microSD card, DiskDigger can give you a hope in an attempt to restore your files.

It is also possible to load the recovered file directly in Dropbox, Google Drive, or send them via e-mail. The application also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on the device.

An important clarification:

The Dumpster serves to prevent rather than cure: it works just like the recycle bin on the Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, in the sense that it creates a kind of “trash virtual”, where will be saved all the photos and documents that you will be deleting.

In this way, it will be easy for you to retrieve deleted files accidentally on your Android (of course only deleted files after you have installed this application).

The app offers the possibility to recover many types of content that were accidentally deleted, including images, video, audio, pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, RAR and all common file types. Does not require root permissions and it is not absolutely necessary is an Internet connection!

Perhaps the most famous program in its category: Dr. Fone for Android allows you to recover deleted files on your Android device (smartphone or tablet). It is a program that you install on your computer, you must then connect your Android device to PC via USB cable and then to the recovery of photos, videos, sms and contacts from the device.

Before using Dr. Fone for Android is necessary that your Android device has at least 20% of the remaining charge of the battery: is it possible to recover files photos, videos, audio, documents, contacts, sms and whatsapp messages.

The trial version to check if the software is able to recover the files you want: only in this case you can decide to proceed with the purchase of the license!

We have written a complete review of the program, which can be found at the following link:

Dr. Fone for Android: recover data cancellatiCon Wondershare Dr. Fone can recover the data deleted by mistake, try the recovery on microSD card or on the phones broken with just a few clicks.Androiddati recovery whatsapp

It is a suite is available both in free version and in the pro, which is very useful for recover deleted photos Android: the differences are essentially in the use because with the free one (free) you can retrieve the file only once, while with the paid version you can reuse the program as many times as you want. You can download the program from this page.

This program is able to recover contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio files and documents: in order to succeed in your recovery smartphone must be equipped with root permissions. I've tried both: if you have a SDcard and you need to recover files from it, then Recuva is what you need; instead, if the files you want to recover are on your Android, then the solution offered by “EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is without a doubt the best.

Also Recuva, the famous suite for file recovery, can be used to recover photos and files deleted from your Android (also iPhone, iPad and iPod). Once downloaded and installed Recuva (also available in Italian), connect your device via USB to PC and run Recuva. Start the Wizard and you'll have to select the option “All files“, at this point, you need to select the option of “on-card media player or iPod” and Recuva will recover files from your Android device.

Attention: Recuva recovers files only from the SDcard and not the internal memory of your Android devices!

Good luck!

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