How to recognize the real mozzarella fior di latte


Published on Sep 20, 2019


When we talk about foods that only in Italy can be tasted with great satisfaction we can not forget the mozzarella cheese. Famous all over the world, the mozzarella cheese is not missing in the homes of the italians, and it comes from all over the world to taste it. Good to eat in a simple way, as they say in purity, perfect to accompany the tasty side dishes, irreplaceable for the pizza, or stuffed, as in the case of rolls with turkey and mozzarella.

Good in all occasions, really! The mozzarella made in Italy is very special and unique and also has the advantage of appear in different forms. We could say that there is something for all tastes. From buffalo mozzarella-cheese to the braid through the mozzarella filled...of different types Of there are really so many. And one of the most demanded and popular is definitely the mozzarella fior di latte.

How can we recognize a mozzarella fiordilatte that is worthy of this name? Of course starting from the ingredients: the trick is just in the workmanship and in the choice of ingredients that can not fail in the production of mozzarella from cow's milk. And this is the basic ingredient of the "fior di latte" and it is this ingredient that differentiates the traditional mozzarella from buffalo milk.

The quality of a mozzarella fior di latte worthy of respect, then, is all in the choice of the right ingredients.

To give it a 10 and praise to this product, we need to make sure that it has been prepared in the correct way. The original method of preparation involves the addition to milk of lactic acid to obtain an acid environment and then the rennet. After resting the curd for about three or four hours, then add the salt and the mixture is worked into the boiling water to turn the curds into mozzarella. The pasta filata cheese is squeezed between the thumb and the index finger, is ‘severed’ from which derives the name of this cheese. After cooling, the mozzarella cheese is ready for packaging. An operation that lasts about 8 hours but that allows us to taste the real mozzarella fior di latte.

Also the territoriality is important. If buffalo mozzarella rhymes with Campania, the fior di latte brings us, instead, in Apulia and, specifically, in the area of bari. In this area there are some of the most important companies of the sector. We are talking about the players and products that have behind them generations of history as Murgella Dairy Palace. Also the name of the manufacturer, therefore, it is essential to recognize a mozzarella fiordilatte quality.

Of course, anyone who buys a mozzarella often is to read the labels. And then also in the purchases you need to hire more awareness, starting from the reading of the list of ingredients. And this is one of the few ways to recognize the different varieties of mozzarella, as recommended by the National Consumers Union.

Find unfortunately, in low-level products is easy. This depends on the fact that these products, with a price tag attached significantly less compared to the official ones, are described as references of the same level but, in reality, are not. Eye on the expenditure and then, as they say in these cases. We pay attention to what we buy, and then we bring to the table. Eating healthy is the foundation of a better life for all.

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