How to put GIF on Instagram


Published on Jan 25, 2018


It's official: from a few hours is in the roll-out of the ability to insert GIFS and animations in the stories Instagram. This new feature kind, thanks to the collaboration with Giphy, the popular service for creating and sharing GIF, that allows us to have a list of ever more images.

What are the GIF? These images (as understandable from the name “Graphic Interchange Format”) that allow the visualization of small animations, giving dynamism.

This format of image has dominated in the World Wide Web in recent times, because it can replace the traditional emoticons, and written messages.

Insert these animations in the stories Instagram is quite simple, and it works on both iOS and Android.

Here's how to do it:

If you have correctly followed this mini-guide, you will be able to show off your GIF favorite stories.

The introduction of this new function is paving the way towards the prevalence of Instagram, now acquired by Facebook, compared to Snapchat.

As we know, this last application could emerge between the social and other apps communication for the ability to post stories temporary.

In recent times, with the introduction of this feature in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, the services of Snapchat are obsolete and “already seen”, although it was the true founder of this new feature.




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