How to prepare for the arrival of iOS 10


Published on Sep 12, 2016


With the imminent arrival of iOS 10, it is important to prepare our iPhone in preparation for this important update. But a few essential steps before proceeding with the installation of iOS 10, all collected in this article.

iOS 10 can be installed on the following iPhone:

On the following iPad:

And on the following iPod touch:

iOS 10 is a major update, and then it requires a certain free space for the installation. Fortunately, Apple has limited required space, but be ready to cancel something if your iPhone the space available is very limited. Via OTA, the request in terms of GB is higher, while if you proceed with download and installation via iTunes, will be used much less space.

If you need to free up space, run a backup first and then proceed with syncing your photos and videos to Photo to Mac or PC via iTunes. At this point, delete photos and videos that you don't want on the iPhone. Also check out the app, uninstalled, those that used less.

If you want more info on how to free up space on the iPhone, then we suggest you to read this guide.

Before proceeding with the installation of iOS 10, always make a backup of your iPhone. You can do this directly on the iPhone via iCloud from the settings of your device (Settings -> iCloud -> Backup), or via iTunes by connecting the iPhone to the computer and clicking on File -> Devices -> back Up now. From iTunes, performing a simple synchronization start the backup.

As mentioned earlier, once that iOS 10 will be available you can upgrade your iPhone in two ways: directly from the device by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update and clicking on “Install Now”, or by connecting the iPhone to iTunes and clicking “Check for Updates” (usually, however, once connected the device will appear in the automatic email that will inform you about the presence of iOS 10).

iOS 10 will be available from the 13th of September, roughly around 19.

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