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Published on Sep 14, 2018


“How do I move videos from PC to iPhone?”, this is the question facing almost all of the users that purchase an iPhone. One of the main drawbacks of an iPhone is the inability to switch video from PC to iPhone in a direct manner. In fact, it is not possible to implement the same procedure of the Android smartphones, which consists of connecting the smartphone, and move the files into folders that are suitable. However, there are some solutions that will allow you to switch the video from computer to iPhone. You can use the official software iTunes, some music players, or use of USB keys Lightning.

In this practical guide we will explain how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone with all possible methods. At the end of the guide we assure you that you will have learned how to use the best method that suits you and that meets your needs.

The first solution which you should try is the synchronization of the video with iTunes. It is one of the main methods and more simple to be able to switch the video from the computer to the iPhone. All you need is a PC, your iPhone and the iTunes software installed. You can download multimedia software from the official page of Apple. If you own a Mac, however, there will be no need to download the program, as it is pre-installed inside the PC.

This is done, you can proceed to the actual procedure of transfer.

At this point will start synchronizing the selected video. Once completed, you'll be in your iPhone all the videos that were present inside of the folder previously selected.

The method seen above is not for you? Would you like to know how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone without iTunes? Then sit back and see all the methods available, so choose the one that suits you best.

One of the alternative ways of passing the video from the computer to the iPhone is to take advantage of the photo Library of iCloud. It is a very useful function introduced with iOS 8.1. It allows you to automatically upload videos and photos to iCloud. Of course, to exploit it you need to create an iCloud account. By using this feature, then the selected videos will be available on all Apple devices with the same iCloud account.

The procedure to be followed varies depending on the operating system used.

If you are using Windows, you will need to download and install the dedicated client. In order to facilitate the operation, we have produced a guide on how to download and use iCloud for Windows. Once you open the software, log in with your Apple ID, select options from the photo Library of iCloud and Upload new photos and videos from my PC and click Finish. This is done, head inside the Pictures folder/iCloud/Photos/Uploads, and copy within it all the videos that you wish to transfer.

If, instead, you use a Mac, the procedure is very simple. Simply open the Photos application and drag inside the window the video that you want to go. At this point, the synchronization of the new files will be done automatically. If not, you will need to ensure are enabled in the options of Photos and the photo Library of iCloud in the Preferences menu system.

Make sure, also, to enable the option the photo Library of iCloud on your device by going into Settings > Photos.

If you own a Mac, you can use the service AirDrop to move video from PC to iPhone. This service consists in exploiting the technologies Bluetooth and WiFi to transfer files from a Mac to an iOS device. To use this feature is really very simple.

At this point, all you have to do is drag the video to transfer to the name that is displayed within the screen. As you have seen, it is one of the procedures are simple and quick to implement.

Many users are not aware of this, but the most famous multimedia player also allows you to transfer the video on your iphone. We are talking about VLC, the multimedia player has tons of really nice features, including file sharing in WiFi. It is precisely this feature that enables you to switch the video. Before proceeding with the steps for the transfer, however, you will need to install the application of VLC for the iPhone.

At this point you can drag and drop the desired videos inside the browser window, and magically appear inside of your iPhone. However, the video can only be viewed within the mobile app. Transfer videos from PC to iPhone with VLC is one of the methods universal for Windows or macOS.

Are you tired of install and use software that going to take up valuable space on your PC? To your luck there is a solution that caters to all types of users. We are talking about USB keys Lightning connector, special USB keys with the attack, the Lightning from one part and the classic USB on the other. These devices make it possible to pass data from iPhone to PC and vice versa, by using the same procedure as that of normal USB sticks.

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The guide on how to move videos from PC to iPhone, there has been help? Then why not take a look at some related guides that you may definitely of interest to you?




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