How to move photos from Android to iPhone


Published on Jun 12, 2018


Switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone can be difficult, considering the abysmal difference between the ecosystem of Google and Apple. In the first freedom and customization, entering into a compromise (for some brands) with optimization and security; in the second, a no-frills environment, devoid of excesses, with the aim of optimal operation.

If you're changing your Android device with an iPhone, or you have both, you can find useful to pass your photos from one smartphone to another.

Google has solved the problem by presenting (in the remote 2015) Google Photos, which is soon to become the gallery default in many Android smartphone.

Google Photos is the photo gallery made by Google, which offers unlimited backup of photos and video free to the best quality, or take advantage of the 15GB of Google Drive storage for file in original quality. The app is available for Android, iOS on its store, and for Windows and macOS via its web client.

The characteristics of the gallery are the presence of:

To move and share your photos and videos from Android to iPhone, you just have to use on both devices Google Photos.

Once you upload a photo, download Google Photo app for iOS from the App Store. Installed and open the app, enter your Google account and select here the backup of high quality (unlimited storage, free of charge).

After the initial setup, you can access your media from Android device.

Also, the shots of your iPhone will be available on the Android smartphone, if backed up.

An alternative solution to Google Photos to transfer, in addition to photos, contacts and accounts is the Move to Apple's iOS.

The process has finished, your iPhone will have recovered the files from the smartphone the previous. This process can take some time, depending on the amount of information to pass.




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