How to make the smoothie watermelon: the quick recipe


Published on Jul 07, 2019


In the summer, you know, the desire to stay in the kitchen is always less. And the search of quick and easy recipes to beat the heat is the order of the day. Today we give you some practical advice to prepare a smoothie, fresh and simple to make and perfect for a light breakfast or for a snack fresh. And if you want to keep in shape by eating a little dinner, maybe because of too hot, the smoothie watermelon is definitely the thing for you. A few simple steps to bring to the table the smoothie watermelon cool and easy to do.

So let's see the easy steps to make this drink that might be perfect for August, to close, maybe a lunch full of fried!

The ingredients we need to prepare two glasses of smoothie:

-200 grams of watermelon

-yogurt of our choice, according to our needs ( white, low-calorie, strawberry, red fruits, vanilla, lactose-free if you have intolerance) . We need approximately 125 grams

-if we want to make the smoothie more sweet we can use sugar, but clearly this way will not be a recipe light

And finally of course the ice: we need at least 4-5 cubes.

We start now the preparation. The first thing we cut in slices the watermelon then remove the seeds and make cubes. We take our mixer or blender and put inside all the other ingredients including the ice. We then start the mixer and trituriamo for good. We have to blend it at maximum power because our mixture will be very creamy. There remains now only that you serve by pouring in the glass, the smoothie that we have prepared.

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