How to install macOS Mojave in a clean way from a USB stick


Published on Sep 24, 2018


Apple has just made available macOS the Mojave, the new version of the operating system for Mac and in this article we will see how to perform a clean installation using a USB stick.

macOS Mojave is compatible with the following Mac:

macOS MojaveApple Distribution InternationalGratis

For those not in the know, diskmakerX allows you to create a USB stick with the installation files of the macOS in a manner practically automatic. Here's how to proceed:

ATTENTION: The program in question has been updated to support macOS Mojave. In spite of this, it may not work to perfection. In this case we recommend you to follow the steps described below for the preparation of the instruments, with the Terminal of macOS.

If the preparation of your USB stick with diskmakerX was not successful, proceed with the following steps:

After having created our USB drive with the installer of macOS Mojave is the time to proceed to the real installation of the system, where initially we will have to go to format the HDD. The pictures are the ones of macOS High Sierra, but the installation of the Mojave is essentially identical.

We have finished the step. We have to do is click Continue and then proceed affirmatively to all requests, select our partition the Macintosh HD that you just created and the installation will start which will require from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the type of disk installed in your Mac.

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