How to install language on Android smartphone chinese

Published on Jun 13, 2018

This guide on how to install the Italian language on chinese smartphones can save your life, especially if you purchased a terminal from a store import, perhaps by following one of our guides, but unfortunately this is not the support to the Italian language. Happens often with smartphones, Xiaomi, especially those presented by little, which are released with the versions of MIUI that are not meant for our market, but not only.

Many terminals with an exceptional price/quality ratio are often sold through the store import, such as the famous and reliable GearBest, with on board the only support to the chinese language and/or English: in these cases, a simple application downloadable from the Play Store can save your life.

MoreLocale 2 is available for free in the Play Store and it allows you to force a language to our liking on our smartphone. Indeed, it is possible not only to set Italian language as default, but dozens and dozens of languages, so you can advise you safely to your friends/colleagues who are facing the same problem.

One of the more obvious flaws of owning a smartphone without the support of the Italian language is that of geolocation: try to open the Play Store with a terminal provided with English language only and you will notice how not only the menu, but also the comments and the review on the apps and games are localized in English. MoreLocale 2, developed by C-Lis Crazy Lab, it forces your smartphones, chinese or not, to use the Italian language when possible.

If we are lucky enough, also a part of the menu of the user interface will be translated, where possible, in Italian language. If instead we are unlucky, or our terminal is not fully supported, it will only be the app to be forced to show the Italian language, just as the Play Store and all the games/app that we will install.

The first step is to make a visit to the Google Play Store from your smartphone and search for the app MoreLocale 2, developed by C-Lis Crazy Lab: proceed to the installation of the head and open the app, that welcomes us with an interface that is stark but extremely effective.

MoreLocale2 does not need root permissions, however, you must enable the special permits that we can only import in one of two ways: through a command ADB and Fastboot with Android or with root permissions, installed on the phone. The first option is the most convenient: you can use the app without making any harmful changes to our smartphones, in complete safety. To force a language, just tap on one of the dozens of language present in the menu: at this point, the application will show us a menu, and giving you instructions on how to proceed: it is good practice to proceed with the installation of ADB and Fastboot Android before.

To be able to give the permission CHANGE_CONFIGURATION, you need to do 3 simple steps:

Once you have taken these simple steps on how to install the Italian language on chinese smartphones will be able to return in the application MoreLocale 2, and force the language into Italian for our phone. Now you no longer have the applications that you use on a daily basis in a language different from Italian, and the procedure does not require more than 5 minutes to be completed (10 minutes if we need to download ADB commands and Fastboot Android): enjoy your smartphone with full support to the Italian language for all the applications!


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