How to install iOS 12?


Published on Jun 05, 2018


During the WWDC 2018 Apple has announced iOS 12 and all other operating systems in output during the next autumn. Here's how to install iOS 12 on all iphones!

iOS 12 is between us! This is what we can say in the course of September 2018, the month in which it is expected the final release of the operating system presented during the WWDC 2018. The most convenient thing to do, unless you are developers, is to wait for the release of the final mobile operating system of the house of Cupertino. Considering the poor stability of the current beta version, it is therefore highly not recommended at this time install iOS 12.

If you are too curious and can't wait, you can soon install the public beta of iOS 12! To do this you will need to go on the portal made available by Apple that you can get here. It is enough to visit the site from the device on which you want to install the beta and follow all directions. After you have installed the certificate of the Public Beta, you will need to restart your iPhone and search for the settings update to iOS 12. After the download and installation procedure will be complete!

Certified developers Apple can now try out iOS 12 beta! To do this you need to visit the website dedicated to the developer, made available by Apple, the enrolling of the device following the instructions and download the certificate from Apple.

Unless you are a developer, you then need to wait for to officially install the first beta versions of iOS 12. We invite you to follow this article published on discover with us all the new things that the future operating system will bring on our iOS devices.

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