How to improve GPS signal on Android

Published on Oct 13, 2016

The GPS has become one of the strong points of the modern smartphones. Thanks to the navigators and maps and more precise information that can be downloaded even when offline, many of the sailors have been replaced by the Android smartphone. The only flaw is that it's not always the GPS signal is accurate or quick to grab the signal.

In this article we will see together how to improve GPS signal on Android smartphone. Always remember that if the problem is hardware, then your GPS is broken or not so powerful, it will not be possible to use this fix. While if the problem is in the laziness of the software, improvement is guaranteed.

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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a system based on the Gps signal comes from satellites in orbit around the earth and captured by mobile devices or receivers. This system is managed by the United States of America, which allows access to each individual citizen.

The development started in the years ’70, with a portion of the original 24 satellites and became fully operational in 1994. In 1991, the positioning system was opened by the USA, civil use, while maintaining a lower precision than the military counterparts, with a precision in the order of 100 metres.

In 2000 alone, this obstacle was overcome, by updating the accuracy to the current 10-20 metres albeit with other limitations.

In our Android smartphone, to capture and improve the GPS signal is usually used a variant called A-GPS. A-GPS allows you to establish the position of the satellites using the position of the radio cells attached, making the process much faster.

To end the preface, we can say that the factors that affect the proper use of the GPS signal are substantially 3.

If the last two can not act, because they depend on the correct development of the system of the producer company, we can still take advantage of the first point to optimize and improve GPS signal.

First, we need to ensure that the positioning services (GPS) are active in our Android smartphone. If not, we will not have access to the GPS signal.

Activate it in reality is very simple.

You should go on your smartphone in settings > geo-location > mode and for maximum precision, select high precision, which allows access to the location is through the network data that a Gps signal. Alternatively, you can select GPS only to save a bit of battery at the cost of accuracy.

Now we are ready. Our Android smartphone is configured correctly to receive the GPS signal.

One of the problems within the Android system is keeping the GPS signal and also when we exit the application that uses it. In this case, the system recognizes your exit from the app and temporarily switch off the GPS. No fear however, the solution is really simple.

You only have to download from Play Store the free app GPS Connected and select Lock the Gps.

If we have problems with the GPS signal, there is help on the Gps Status & Toolbox. This app, really simple and immediate use is free to download from the Play Store. Once we have access, we will find ourselves in front of the main page. Here we have the summary of all data received from the GPS sensor.

For many of you, perhaps these data will be almost incomprehensible. The main function of this application is another. In addition to displaying all the details of GPS Status and Toolbox – once you open in the background – allows you to hook up the GPS signal as quickly as possible.

Its task is to interact with other application that use the GPS signal to optimize the yield in terms of performance. Always remember that inside buildings, the GPS signal is always very weak or totally absent.

To work then, this application requires only that you are in the open air. This makes it useful why in the world you can speed up the GPS without connecting to the data network.


Within the Play Store we can find another application that is useful for our purposes: GPS Essentials.

In this way we are making available a suite of tools that as well as showing us the quality of the GPS signal gives us the ability to view other information. The main function that we are going to use allows us to understand why not lock the GPS signal.

If, at times, your Android smartphone is not able to find the satellite, in some cases, it may happen that the satellites are too many, and the GPS signal is not able to settle. Under the heading of Satellites you can find the map of satellites above your position.

If the satellite is surrounded by the color green and the number inside is greater than 8 will be suitable to get a good Gps signal.


In this way, we exploited the applications in the Play Store to assess and improve the quality of the GPS signal of our Android device.

In case of doubts about the procedure or reports and advice, we ask you as always of us present using the comment box placed at the end of the article.

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