How to hit on online: the ten commandments of dating

Published on May 03, 2016

Is over the age of fear. There are (almost) more dangers, online. After 20 years of “experimentation” and 40 million american adults involved in the services of online dating in Europe Meetic, the evolution ofagency double-Eighties, has over 6 million subscribers. And the novelty is that now also in Milan, London or Paris you take advantage of the dating sites to build a social life: you look for people to go out and drink a beer, go to the cinema, to the spa. Then there is also someone who is hunting for a soul mate, but he does not live with the fear of meeting a serial killer.

Ok, there are those too pignole. I have a friend who after a couple of chat on Meetic calls you on the phone and if you don't like your voice hangs up. "Just do the prissy or the policewoman of the network does not pay. In the sense that it is not wise and appropriate to give too much weight to the voices of the profile", says Monica Zentellini, dating coach, Meetic. "Because in real life there is always a magical component uncontrollable, and inexplicable, that might make things work". In short, we need to give more of a chance. How? We try to explain in 10 moves.

1. Choose a photo real
Never an avatar. Or Flash Gordon. Or super busty. This is crucial: be yourself, choose a serious expression (no, the duck's beak is not to be more) and a shot to the whole figure. But not in a swimsuit snug taken in the bathroom in front of the mirror and the clothes hanging to the shoulders. Clothes. In short, less is more. Learn. If you present yourself as a man super sexy, in the end, who knows her expects. You want to let them down? Here it is. On Meetic are the winners of the realism, the summer light, the shots while skiing, playing golf, and swim. No, no photos in the gym. Organized.

2. Hurrah for the “Stallion.”
That will not be the best, but at least as a nickname makes me laugh. Nothing to do with the usual Stallone77, Porcellina85, Teladogratis. Much better Attenzionenonmordo, to say. Sharpen the weapon of irony and you will be able to, at least, try to conquer it. It is not everything, but it helps.

3.The more you are imperfect, more like you
You're good. Fill out the complete profile with hobbies, passions, ect. and waving to well also your weaknesses. That is a plus to discover some flaw has everything to prove, but just to say the least. Reveals things like this: when you shave you do not care of what is left in the sink; put the underpants in each of the rooms for which you're paying the mortgage; in the night the russians; and you hate to bring down the garbage. If she is your matcha equally means that she is crazy and that might even... be there.

4. However, you need to write well
And to enrich the profile with additional photos that drew a smile: but never put the photo of someone else. It is not a series with a plot absurd is life.
However, even this is not enough. There are the maniac of the comma, the super precision of the syntax, those who are born academic of the Bran and you sizes endwise to a subjunctive wrong, a consecutio temporum too creative, a double in less. In fact, the men complain that they must write. Too, the better.

5. Then shoot millions of words in the pile
That is: write a single message and submit it to hundreds of women, even to peck. And, in fact, a few (very few) bites. But with younger people, it is a disaster. There are boys/girls ages 22 years and older who suffer from the syndrome narcissistic/histrionic personality and to be happy are content to collect a considerable number of the match/I like it.
Behold, anyone who stumbles in one of them must know that they will not meet ever. Live of consent, and use dating sites as a virtual window, Internet as a tool of expression of their ego. Chevelodicoafa’, avoid them.

6. The reaction times are fast
If after a week im not there you see, let it go. It means that she only had a desperate need to receive a couple of messages to be read at the end of a work day. Sitting in the metro/bus/couch. It seems absurd, but it happens also this. People are lonely and sad and tired.

7. Finally, the first meeting
Must be in a public place. Never starts with a dinner, but it starts with a coffee, to a maximum of one drink. Sometimes not even that.
Already. The most smart to arrive a little earlier, you spy and decide on WhatsApp if that is really the case of to meet you. You show up badly dressed/conlescarpesbagliate/olafacciaappesantita? If already you rimuginavasul your literary talent, you will delete it instantly from the address book with a message more or less like this: "Excuse are still in the office, I can't come. Cià".

8. Yes to the first step
Ok, it's gone. After the Spritz you have gone to the pizza, and she likes you. Not tirartela, he comes back immediately. And be as fast as possible, to write the first message. On the same evening. Next steps in the automatic upgrade: the field trip.

9. Yes, but what do I write?
Easy. It does not make the poet, are not, and she has radar for this kind of things. You write: "I Hope to see you soon." Concise and direct. Is the internet, and beauty. Here you go straight to the point.

10. Otherwise, they remain the weekend and pan-european
The last was in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, a weekend in the snow with a meeting in the dark (more or less) from 350 € all inclusive: food, accommodation, ski passes with discount and trailer included. However, if you are over 50 years old and looking for a woman that will cherish it vergognati. Girls just want to have fun, remember that. Do you want a caregiver? Be a man. Pagatela.


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