How to get Pikachu at the beginning of Pokémon GO

Published on Jul 12, 2016

Lovers of the genre are in great fibrillation in waiting for the fateful 15 July, the date of the launch of Pokémon GO on the Italian market. The game, having been released a few days earlier in other countries, already has of the little tricks discovered by the lucky people who have already had the chance to use it. At the beginning of the game we will be given the opportunity to choose one between the three Pokémon classics with which to begin our adventure by trainers, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Unfortunately (unless you are fans of one of the above creatures) it seems there is a possibility to get Pikachu at the beginning of Pokémon GO, or at least apparently. Polygon did indeed do some research and discovered that with a little patience and diligence, the ability to use the cute Pikachu at the beginning of Pokèmon GO there really.

When at the beginning the Professor Willow is giving you the opportunity to choose one of the three creatures you can decide to leave the area without selecting any of them. The three should disappear and reappear shortly after in another area. By repeating the same operation three times in total, in the fourth “respawn” should also stand good Pikachu.

This is what should happen in theory. For some of the users are served many more attempts than those described, and still in the way.

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