How to get Google Camera on the Xiaomi Mi A2 I A2 Lite

Published on Sep 11, 2018

Do you want to improve the photos taken with your smartphone? With our guide in a few minutes we will tell you how to have Google Camera on the Xiaomi Mi A2 I A2 Lite, dramatically improving the quality of your shots in all light conditions, especially in the evening where these mid-range smartphone performance at a much lower smartphone top of the range as the OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Before starting to give you all the information necessary to be able to install Google Camera on your smartphone Xiaomi I want you to see practically, with photographic examples, the type of improvement you can expect. After having extensively used both smartphones with and without the Google Camera, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that there are improvements, and decidedly important, especially in the evening where often the details are mixed and the shake dominates in all the photographs.

If there was clearly any point of the guide, we have also prepared a video guide.

The processing algorithms of Google image, and, in particular, the mode HDR+, are able to compensate for the small size of the image sensors present on modern smartphones, by wisely mixing multiple images taken in sequence to get the picture more sharp and detailed, perfectly lit and where there are strong contrasts between light and shadow. Not only the best photos of the day with strong contrasts or night in low light, but also kind of self-portrait (or selfie) the most natural and where you can appreciate better the difference between the foreground subject and the background: the Portrait mode (Portrait) of the Google Camera it works much better compared to the camera application in this factory on the Xiaomi Mi A2 and the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.

As you can see from the pictures, the photos taken with the Google Camera have less dark areas (underexposed) or too lit (overexposed), creating a scene more balanced in terms of lighting and color-less, slightly less saturated compared to the camera application stock. Of the day, or in environments with a lot of light, the differences are appreciable but not radical: different speech instead for the shots in the night, or in conditions of insufficient light.

The examples speak a clear language: the photos taken with the Google Camera are sharper and more detailed, with more natural colors. If you make a zoom on the written note as they are more defined and less soft, unlike the ones created with the camera application by default.

Also the self portraits are clearly in favor of the Google Camera: in spite of the bokeh effect artificial is more pronounced compared to the algorithm of Xiaomi, the contour of the main subject is impeccable, even in areas where there are strong contrasts. As you will note from the photo to the right, the camera stock Xiaomi applying an effect, the beauty (can be deactivated) which, however, makes the photo more mordiba and less clear.

Now that we showed you what it improves with the Google Camera, we can guide you step by step in the installation on your smartphone, whether it is the Xiaomi Mi A2 or the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. These two mid-range smartphone produced by Xiaomi are good terminals with an exceptional price/quality ratio, but with specific guides such as this we can go to further improve their performance and adequately leverage the hardware to get the best results in the camera compartment.

Before starting it is necessary for you to do three things:

The thing that we tell you when it comes to guides on modding your smartphone is the following: even if you are an advanced user you should never give for granted that the procedure may spin smooth without a hitch. Follow our guide to the letter, tested and proven to be 100% accurate, it is essential to: unfortunately, the unexpected is always around the corner and you should always make a backup of your smartphone before starting.

To be able to install the Google Camera on our smartphone, we need a fundamental component, that is, the Camera 2 API active. Unfortunately Xiaomi is not active by default these libraries on their smartphones, for which we are forced to have to intervene manually by activating them. This change, even if harmless, has need permits the system to modify one of the configuration files of the phone: the file in question is build.prop, to which we are going to add a string of characters which will enable the Camera 2 API, enabling us to install and use the Google Camera.

Unfortunately to obtain these permits we need to unlock the device and get the root permissions: the good news, however, is that with the Xiaomi Mi A2 I A2 Lite, this procedure is very simple and the risk that something will not be successful, is virtually zero, if you follow our on how to install the Google Camera step-by-step, without skipping any step.

Let's go to titus and we select our smartphones: the Xiaomi Mi A2 or Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.

Now download the firmware of our smartphones by pressing the green button but note: the version of the installed firmware of our smartphones and the one that you download should be IDENTICAL. Make sure that you have installed on your phone to that version firmware which you can download from the site going to check the version number.

Once we have downloaded the ROM will be in archive format: we're going to place it in a folder where we will put all the files that we need. For convenience, I'm just putting all the files in the folder C:ADB on my computer, simply because there are already commands ADB and FASTBOOT, which are used to install the ROM or do modding on smartphones, as in this case. The important thing is that all the files are always in the same folder, no matter where.

We open the archive of our firmware and we search for the Boot file.IMG in the IMAGES folder. Unpack the file in our folder, example C:ADB.

Go to the page and download Magisk Manager: is a APK file that we will install later on your smartphone, and will allow us to have root permissions enabled on our smartphones.

Now that we have both the boot.img extracted from the firmware you downloaded is the APK Magisk Manager can transfer both the file within our phone. With the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite we will have to force connect the smartphone to computer via cable, since there is no memory expansion and so we can't use a micro SD memory card; however, if you have a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite you have the possibility to transfer these files to a micro SD-card inserted inside the phone.

An important prerequisite before continuing with the guide: during unlocking of the bootloader, EVERYTHING on your smartphone will be deleted for security reasons so, if you have not already done so, we strongly recommend you make a backup of all your data.

To be able to enable your smartphone to unlock the bootloader you'll have to go in the settings menu accessible from the drawer of the applications from the pull-down notifications, you just tap on the wheel. Done this, go to System – Information on the phone and tappiamo to 10 times on Build Number, for by so doing abiliteremo the menu in Developer Options in which you will have to enter to enable two settings.

The two options to be enabled within the Developer Options are USB Debugging and Unlock the OEM.

Without these preparations we can turn off our smartphones fully to enter into the Fastboot mode. To do this, the phone is turned off, hold down simultaneously the buttons Volume down and Power until there will be Mitu with the word Fastboot to welcome us: if you don't know who is Mitu run on our article dedicated to the 10 things that you don't know about Xiaomi!

From the computer open the command prompt taking by going to the start menu and typing “command Prompt“, there will appear a black screen with strings of characters. Let's position ourselves to the folder where you have installed ADB using the command “cd foldername” and “cd..” to open a folder and return to the previous level, respectively.

Once we are ready to connect your smartphone to your computer with the supplied cable and make sure that the computer has detected the phone, a symptom that the installation of the USB DRIVER was successful. Type “fastboot devices” and press ENTER, doing so should emerge as a result of a string of numbers and letters, to indicate that a device has been detected and is correctly connected. If not installed the USB DRIVERS for your smartphone and resume from this point, the guide.

To proceed with unlocking the bootloader, type

fastboot oem unlock


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