How to get Face Unlock on smartphone Xiaomi

Published on Jun 15, 2018

The Face Unlock is a method that uses the facial features of your face to unlock content and access to your phone. It is a method of unlocking a lot less secure than the Face ID launched by Apple with its top of the range, the iPhone X: the Face ID of Apple uses a system of 3D recognition of the face, going to draw a map almost full in our faces even with the aid of a laser beam/infrared, so you can also work with lighting precarious.

Xiaomi, like OnePlus, and other manufacturers like Huawei, has introduced the Face Unlock to satisfy its users with a unlock method that is fast and functional, but we must not think that it is a safe approach: unlike the system used by Apple, here the recognition is done in 2D through the use of the module front-facing camera, so it is much less secure and also less powerful. Often, for example, maybe light conditions are not optimal, or if our face is partially covered, that the release of the device is not successful.

That said, we can proceed to show you how to get Face Unlock on smartphone Xiaomi in just a few minutes.

If you're lucky, your smartphone and Xiaomi is already equipped with a official ROM that contains all the necessary components to enable Face Unlock, depending of the versions of MIUI that will be installed on your terminal. Please note that sometimes the store of the themes of MIUI or features such as Face Unlock are not enabled, but in your ROM: you can just change the region from the settings menu from Italy to Switzerland, or another country in order to regain the missing functionality.

Here are the steps to get Face Unlock on your smartphone Xiaomi:

In a few steps we've completed this guide on how to get Face Unlock on smartphone Xiaomi. Although the release is not as secure as Apple's, nor as fast as the face unlock available on the OnePlus 5, Oneplus 5T and OnePlus 6, there is, however, very fast and reliable, even with low ambient light: the merit of the work of the optimization of Xiaomi, which continues to amaze us by offering lots of features the software time and time again, listening to the feedback of the community.


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