How to format iPhone when turned off


Published on Aug 20, 2018


You are going to restore your iphone because maybe it crashes on the screen where you see the Apple logo, or even on the black one to the first power? If you do not know how to proceed then you should follow our guide in which we will explain how to format your iPhone by turn off your system using various procedures.

This article is also addressed to all those users, owners of an iphone, that they have suffered a theft and that they are going to wipe all the data saved on the iOS device in order to safeguard your privacy. We do not get lost in the chatter and let's see just how to do it.

If among the hand you have your trusty iPhone, but remains implanted on the Apple logo or worse still on the black screen, then you can try to reset the terminal using the recovery mode. In this way, you are going to restore the iOS. Regardless of the model of iOS smartphones in your possession, you need a Lightning cable and iTunes installed on the PC if you have a computer with Windows operating system as the program is pre-installed on every Mac.

Having said that, let's see how to proceed:

In the case where the method is seen a little while ago does not bring its fruits, then we recommend you to use the Device mode Firmware Update to restore the iPhone. In practice, DFU mode enables you to make a factory reset and update iOS if you have problems that do not allow you to correctly power the iphone.

Let's discover together the steps to follow:

This procedure is addressed to all the owners of iphone who have suffered a theft, and therefore do not have the possibility to access physically to your smartphone. To safeguard your privacy, you just need to do a complete delete of all the files present on the device. You can do this by exploiting the Find my iPhone designed by Apple.

Thanks to this tool, in fact, you'll have the ability to manage some things with your iDevice remotely even if turned off. Before starting, however, we wanted to clarify that it is possible to use this method only if they have been activated prior to the theft, whether the location services that Find my iPhone from settings.

Having said that, let's see together how to use it.

The same procedure can be applied by the Find my iPhone app using an another iphone or an iPad.

If you fail to make the restore of your iphone via recovery mode, DFU, or by remote, we recommend you contact the customer service of Apple in order to get help from an expert

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