How to format a Windows PC? The quick guide

Published on Feb 03, 2018

Often referred to format your PC to restore the system to factory conditions or to start afresh with a clean installation of the system.

Strictly speaking, in reality, do not format ever a PC, the formatting is the procedure with which a mass memory is cleared and prepared for the new writing.

The term in years past to indicate the simple deletion of the contents of the hard disk of the PC to indicate the next reinstallation of system (usually Windows).

Today, then, to format a PC, format the mass memory (HDD or SSD) and install Windows again.

The answer is complex, your hardware remains exactly the same, but you will definitely notice greater responsiveness and speed. Windows unfortunately with the passing of the months and with the use tends to slow down, the thing was very obvious with the earlier versions and it was slowly improving, even if it is a defect that seems to remain.

During the use, installation, and disinstallatone of the programs, surfing the internet, the updates, are all operations, which tend to accumulate junk that slows down the system, sometimes so very obvious.

The formatting is also a good way to clean a system compromised by malware or a virus. Formatting the hard disk and reinstalling the system from a safe source, you can eradicate once and for all persistent infections.

The answer is Yes, Microsoft have realized that their users formattavano often their computer, and then you are moved along two roads:

This procedure, designed and introduced by Microsoft with Windows 8 and it is also present in Windows 10, it's called reset, which allows you to restore the system exactly as it was after the installation of the operating system.


The reset has several options, some more drastic than others, the option to Remove the files and clean drive it is the equivalent of formatting the system will format the hard disk and then reinstall from scratch. Choosing this option will erase all of your personal files, then we strongly recommend a backup before proceeding.

After the reset, the system will ask you the product Key if your Windows is genuine, if it is cracked it might ask you for the serial. In any case, it will start normally, and it will be possible to use a KMS (in fact, a tool pirate for activation).

We strongly discourage the use of these tools because you risk exposing your PC to trojans and malware immediately after it is cleansed. Also, thanks to licenses ESD, just now a few euros to take home a valid license and not take risks.

Everything you need to know on resetting the system, please consult our special section devoted.

Pointing out that Windows 8 (even Windows 10) it is convenient to use the convenient tool, the reset of which we mentioned in the last paragraph, even for clean installs, here's how to do the formatting of a Windows PC in the old way.

Here are the steps needed before starting the formatting:

If you have a version of Windows or Office cracked, the crack may be the first of your problems since it creates a vulnerability that exposes your computer to attacks and could contain trojans that allow the entry of malware. We recommend that you remedy a license ESD at a low cost as it does not have more drawbacks.

After you have completed the preliminary steps it is time to go to the actual formatting:

This is a typical installation procedure, the reality is that many things deserve a deeper investigation since BIOS and UEFI, for this we invite you to consult our guide to installing Windows 10.

Our quick guide to formatting a Windows PC, you come to an end, we hope that the formatting has solved the problems with your computer.


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