How to follow the Olympics in Rio 2016 on the iPhone


Published on Aug 04, 2016


On the 5th of August will begin the Olympic games of Rio 2016, the biggest sporting event of the year. As now happens for several years, on the App Store are lots of apps that allow you to follow all events of the event, so to hold: up to 21 August, the iPhone may be the perfect companion to stay up to date on Rio 2016.

The Olympic Games of Rio 2016 will begin on the 5th of August (6th of August in Italy) and will end on the 21st of the same month. This is the XXXI edition of the Olympics. More than 10,500 athletes from 206 nations sifderanno on the hunt for a medal. For the first time will also participate in the South Sudan and Kosovo. This edition of the olympic games includes 28 sports and 306 sets of medals. The races will be held in 38 locations in various cities of Brazil, including Rio, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasília and Manaus. These are the games of record: for the first time in history, in fact, is a country in south America to accommodate them. In addition, for the first time will be held in a Country of Portuguese language. Finally, a curious thing for the summer games, will take place during the winter in the Country that hosts them.

Rio 2016 is the official app that allows you to view all the results of all the races in real time, with medals always up to date. There are also the info about the team and athletes, in addition to the map and info for those who are in Rio to follow the Olympics. The App is indispensable if you're among the lucky ones that you can find in Rio these days, considering that it is a real guide for the spectators.

Another official app is The Olympic, which, however, contains general information on the games, including the statistics and the records of the past editions. Great to discover a bit of history and have on hand the statistics divided for sport. A section is dedicated to the latest news.

Rio News contains all the latest news on various sporting events, divided by category. In the app you will find info on most of the sports of the Olympics.

Summer Games 2016 is a complete calendar of all the events of the Olympics, is divided into days and type of event.

The app Sky Sports will provide updated news about the games. Also, who wants to see the coverage of the various events can you download Sky GO (only subscribers Sky Sports) and (that broadcasts live the most important events).

For those who want to have fun, the official game of the Rio 2016 dedicated to diving can be freely downloaded from this link. Cute and funny.


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