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Published on Jun 14, 2018


Today is the start officially, the football world cup 2018 in Russia, and even the iPhone can become a perfect device to follow the games via streaming, but also to read news, rankings, calendar, and, why not, have fun with some game theme. Miss Italy, but not the passion for football!

You, of course, from the app on the official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, available for free on the App Store. This app lets you select your favourite teams to receive real time notifications about the matches, read the news (in English) of the event and to review the key moments in the history of the World Cup with video and exclusive pictures.

The app also shows the timetable of the official matches and the standings are always updated, as well as photos, news and video of the event. Each team has its own tab constantly updated with new news and do not miss the sections devoted to Russia, to the states and to the host cities. Also present the detailed cards of all the players and the coaches of the 32 teams in the race.

For each game is offered as a chronicle text, in real time, with live coverage of all meetings, and in-depth studies. The user can also rate the man of the match of each match. At the end of the match, after a few minutes, the app offers the ability to review the highlights of the game and all the statistics.

An alternative, fully translated in Italian, is OneFootball. Recently updated for the world cup, one of the apps most downloaded by football fans allows you to stay updated on the latest news, the groups, the results, the rankings, the goals, the statistics and the odds of all the games. The results of the matches are updated in real-time, with a lot of notifications that can be activated by the user.

The app is available for free on the App Store.

Eurosport is instead full of news and insights into the Italian, in addition to offer results and standings constantly updated. The app also displays the news text and live. of all the games. The app you download for free from this link.

Also Mediaset has created the official app dedicated to the world cup, which is available for free on the App Store, with news, match, live, text-based, player interactive with the actions of the highlights and other insights.

The rights in Italy for the world cup in 2018 were acquired by Mediaset and the matches will be visible in the clear, both on Mediaset Premium. Streaming, and directly from the iPhone, the matches will be visible on a Premium Play, and on the websites of Channel 5 or of the other free channels of the Mediaset broadcast of the different matches (like usa-1, or Channel 20). Also SportMediaset will show some games live streaming,.

The commentary of all the matches will instead be broadcast by Rai Radio and will be available also in streaming, directly from the app official.

FIFA World Predictor is the official game of the world cup 2018, available for free on the App Store, that allows you to make real predictions on all the matches of the event. Most predictions are guesswork, even during live play, the more points you earn to climb the world rankings. It is also possible to create alloys private to compete with friends. For the rankings of public are there any real prizes up for grabs from the FIFA.

FIFA World Cup Fantasy is a sort of fantasy football, but much more simplified. The game is available for free on the App Store and allows you to create a team for each round of the world cup.

For each game you have to buy 15 players having 100 fantamilioni. You then have to choose the training and to deploy the 11 owners. On the basis of their performance, you will earn or you will lose points and you will be able to participate in both the league publishes online, is to create a your league private to have fun with friends. For each round you will be able to make changes, buy new players and choose your captain.

The Panini Digital Sticker Album will appeal to collectors, since it contains the figures of all the 32 National soccer teams participating at the world cup. In addition to the figurines of the National, you will be able to collect other figurines, special and collectable badges exclusive as you reach certain levels of completion of your collection. The app is available for free on the App Store.

And could not miss the football game FIFA 18, recently updated for to include the patch dedicated to the world cup with all the teams in the competition.

With this update, you can begin to create and manage your own team, starting from the stars who will participate at the world cup. It will be possible to play FIFA World Cup until 1 August 2018. The player will be able to create a national team, compete in, and get new rewards:

In addition, you can buy the packages on the programme, FIFA World Cup, and receive an equal value to your Ultimate Team. FIFA Mobile is available for free from this link.


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