How to flash ROM on Android with SP Flash Tool

Published on Jun 18, 2018

You bought a chinese smartphone, but the software is not to your liking? Here's how to flash ROM on Android with SP Flash Tool in a few simple steps, so as to give a new life to your Android smartphone.
It often happens that the manufacturers of chinese smartphones include customizations that are deep within the software that equips their smartphone, intrusive, and often end up only to slow down the entire operating system.

Or it can happen to have a smartphone, of chinese origin or not, that has had some problem caused by our negligence or, why not, by some technical problem which does not depend on our usage: a sudden power outage during an upgrade of our phone, update OTA (Over-The-Air, NdR), who finished with making the smartphone unusable, and many other cases.

SP Flash Tool is a powerful tool that allows you to literally bring new life, revive, or even to completely empty the data from your phone. Here's what we can do with SP Flash Tool:

Just because it is a very advanced tool and potentially able to cause some of the problems if not used properly, we recommend it particularly to follow our step by step guide by reading the instructions carefully. In case of problems or if you have any doubts, please remember that you can contact us on our social or in the comments box here at the bottom.

Before you begin to enter into the heart of the guide and get your hands physically on our smartphone, we need to first download and install two packages and drivers that need to recognize our device with the PC and SP Flash Tool, in order to establish a stable connection. The two driver packages from the download are the following:

For the optimum installation of the drivers MTK VCOM we recommend that you disable the driver signing in Windows before installation, otherwise you may find yourself with an error message, or the operation may not be successful.

Once you have made the previous two steps, we can download SP Flash Tool from the official site and install it on our computer. Go to the folder where we have installed SP Flash Tool and we start the program with administrator permissions by clicking with the right button of the mouse on it. Now we just need to download the ROM to our liking and unzip it in a folder that we can reach easily.

Once the program is open, we will find the interface that you can see from the Screenshots attached. Everything should already be configured automatically, given that SP Flash Tool will automatically change the type of connection to interface to your smartphone. Usually the Agent is to SP Flash Tool, unless you are installing a ROM in which you clearly specify that it should be used another type of Agent. Otherwise, leave this field.

Let's go instead on Scatter-loading and select the file you scatter that is present inside the folder where we have unpacked our ROM. Select the file and click on Open.

Once you have selected the file scatter we turn off our smartphones, and let's keep him at hand. Select from the drop-down menu below the option to Download Only: this step is very important because by doing so the data of our smartphones as the IMEI codes will be preserved. Do not select never Formed Date, unless you are sure you want to delete everything from our smartphones, starting from the IMEI codes and the keys to the DRM present on it. As I said earlier, in 99% of cases make sure that the item is selected Download Only.

When we are ready to leave, and we make sure you selected the menu Download Only can click on the Download button with the green arrow at the top. Done this, insert quickly the USB cable connected to our PC to our smartphone, and we expect that the program loads into memory all and start to download the necessary files.

If the operation is successful, we should see at the bottom of the bar to dye before the red and then of yellow, signifying that data transfer is in progress. We expect that SP Flash Tool do its magic, the process may take several minutes, so don't worry too much if you see the yellow bar move slowly.

Once the operation is complete the program will be the same to warn us that the process has been successful, showing a different screen. At this point we can disconnect the smartphone from the USB cable and turn it on normally: it will be reset to the factory data, and it will take a bit of time to boot the first time, even up to 15 minutes, so be patient!

We arrived at the conclusions of our guide on how to flash ROM on Android with SP Flash Tool: if you have followed all of our instructions you should now have a smartphone practically brand new from the software point of view, ready to be used. We recommend that you always perform an exhaustive search on the origin of the ROM you intend to install, and in case of doubt as to desist from continuing with the procedure described above: SP Flash Tool is a powerful tool that may cause the incorrect operation of your smartphone if it is used inappropriately.


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