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Published on May 22, 2018


The growth of Instagram over the last few years has been impressive, especially if you compare it with other social networks. Are not grown, only the active users, that are over 600 million every month, but also the dwell time and the daily use of this social users is very high.

Thanks to these prerogatives, Instagram has actually also created of the actual work, as the influencer, which are also very profitable in certain cases. To earn money with Instagram, however, there is no need to be famous, but only to have a solid base of followers and to dedicate time and effort.

Before you start to talk about how to earn with Instagram, you have to keep in mind certain elements. In fact, for the methods that we will see later, there is no need to have a lot of followers, but not too few, otherwise no company will take an interest in you.

Obviously, the more the base of your followers will be high, more the gain will go up, because you'll be more palatable for companies that want to advertise their products. If you want to go that route, I recommend you to see how to increase the followers on Instagram and that may be true, because they are the active users that count.

To increase your followers there are of course various methods, but the advice is great to be very active, posting constantly photo and using the hashtag the most famous of these times. Other methods are explained very well in the pages that I linked.

After seeing various prerequisites, we analyze the ways real to earn with Instagram.

The main method to earn money on Instagram is to post photos sponsored, in fact companies are more and more geared to advertising on social networks, and especially on Instagram. Of course, you'll have to meet certain characteristics, such as the target audience of followers that you have, how many you have, and especially those who are active.

If you are not famous people, will not be the companies to contact you, but you'll need some intermediary. To do this, there are a number of internet sites, the ones that we are going to see are two: Buzzoole and adMingle.

Let's start by Buzzoole, which is very well known and boasts the collaboration with several major companies. The first thing to do is of course join Buzzoole with their social accounts, in this case Instagram, but you can access all of your social and go on Campaigns to see all of the advertising campaigns which you can take part in.

Furthermore, Buzzoole analyzes your social profiles and gives you a summary of your interests and the interests of your followers through a chart. Very useful thing to understand in which direction to go with their split

Talking about how much you can earn, through Buzzoole you do not make money “real”, but with every campaign you accumulate points which can then be converted into Amazon vouchers.

If you are interested in is to have money “real”, you'll have to use adMingle. The operation of this site is very similar to that of Buzzoole, with the difference that the money that you make from the campaigns will be credited to your PayPal account, which is a nice difference.

After signing up to adMingle, what you need to do is to apply for a campaign and wait for the approval of the company. If your application is accepted you will have to follow the lines that the company will give to you and then post everything on your social profiles. Once all this is done you will be credited for the amount deriving from the sponsorship.

Then, nothing impossible, of course, you should always keep in mind that it takes a certain base of followers, not necessarily too enlarged, but not too restricted.

First let's see what it means to Shoutouts, the literal translation means recognition, but on Instagram is a bit different. Practically, it consists in paying someone with lots of followers active in order to advertise own profile and make themselves known.

To sell Shoutouts we must, however, have a base of followers is wide, a minimum of 10k to think that someone might be interested to be advertise by you.

The Shoutouts, but you can also buy to try to make themselves known in a more rapid manner. To do this there is a platform called Shoutcart, in which influencers sell Shoutout.

Using this platform is simple, you just need to register and then sign in with your profile in Instagram and then access the list of influencers that sell Shoutouts for comparli. If you will have a base of followers as large as written above, you can also sell them to earn something.

If you are not a private, but small companies maybe with an online shop, make advertising on social is very important. To advertise in the right way you have to open a company profile of Instagram, and in general on all the social, with the name of your company and you post constantly video or quality photos that describe your products, perhaps with a link to your online shop to buy them.

Also, in this case, you are the company in search of advertising. You can use is the one payment that you can find on Facebook or on Instagram that makes you look your product in the feeds of users that might interest you, but you can also contact several users with a base of follower to appropriate and pay them to advertise your product.

I don't know if you already know, but make money with Instagram is not that simple. Also with the sites and the advice described above, it takes commitment and dedication, and, above all, you need to be good to always post quality content to grow your base of followers and attract new businesses.

If you found this article interesting on how to earn with Instagram, I leave below other articles which may be of interest to you regarding this topic.




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