How to earn money with your smartphone


Published on May 19, 2017


Have you ever thought that you can earn money (real money) simply by using applications totally free existing to your smartphone? If you want to make some extra money simply by playing, or by using the smartphone, this is the guide for you. You can earn just by unlocking the screen or while playing the games. How? Thanks to the right app!

Here is the list of applications available for Android and iOS, which are useful to earn money simply using your smartphone.

Slidejoy allows you to earn by simply unlocking your smartphone. This is a lockscreen custom that will show you advertisements, and in return will reward you with some credits. It has reached a certain threshold of these loans you will be able to change in real money (PayPal, Amazon Vouchers etc.) or donate to charity. The operation of this app is very simple. Once turned on the screen, you will see an advertisement.

With one swipe you can unlock the phone and return to the home, or you can view the ad or read the news.

DOWNLOAD | Slidejoy

The frontal LockScreen is an application very similar to SlideJoy. The operation is similar to the app above. In the lock screen, custom will be displayed in the advertisements and articles, which you can skip by doing a swipe to the left, or open them with a swipe to the right. Upon reaching one of the thresholds required, it will be possible to convert the accumulated credits in refills PayPal or in vouchers useable online.

DOWNLOAD | Fronto LockScreen

AppLike allows you to earn while playing the games that are offered directly inside the application. By playing the featured games are added of credits (mCoin) to the associated account. Once you have reached the threshold necessary you will be able to exchange the accumulated credits with prizes (for example a credit on PayPal or gift card (Amazon or Google PlayStore). It is a fun and easy way to earn extra money playing.


SGame allows you to earn credits while playing the games made by the same manufacturer of the application. When users play, the system assigns credits proportionate to the time of the game. Credits are allocated after 24h and can be spent to redeem rewards offered by SGame.

The prizes are many and differ between them. You can get gift cards, refills, PayPal, smartphone, hi-tec, video games, and much more. The prizes are shipped directly to the user's home and the shipping is free.

If a user wants to reduce the time, can form a team of four people and the group loans. Once you have reached the desired threshold, the leader will be able to redeem the prize.


Finally, there is an online betting site and its application is available both on Android and both iOS. The site in question is called Playfulbet and allows you to earn credits by betting on sporting events (for example football, tennis, rugby etc.). But do not worry, you do not bet real money. After the registration, will be awarded starting credits and with those you can bet on matches in the program. Also this site is giving away prizes (such as gift cards, smartphone, game console, etc.).

DOWNLOAD | Playfulbet (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Playfulbet (iOS)

These applications show how easy it is to earn some extra pocket money that can always come in handy. If you have other apps to recommend, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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