How to download photos from Instagram

Published on May 12, 2018

Instagram is the Social Network most popular at the moment, especially for lovers of photography: stunning photos, beautiful landscapes but also photos of the group, and the meme not to be missed, from a few years to this part we find any type of image. It would be beautiful, sometimes, and download and/or backupparle but Instagram has never allowed downloading of the photos to protect the rights of the author. This does not mean, however, that it is impossible.

There are many software capable of download photos, all free of charge, but today we're going to see how to download photos from Instagram using the online tool, without the need to download any program. Indeed, we can download your photos via:

First, however, to see how they work these tools, there is a preliminary step to do: copy the link of the photo. To do this, go simply on the photo, tap the three dots vertical in the top right and select “Copy link”.

That said, let's get started!

If you're on PC and want to do a clean thing, you can simply use the viewer source code that every browser provides.
To download the image directly from Instagram, just go to the profile who uploaded the photo, click on it with the right button and open it in a new tab. After it opened in a new tab, by clicking on it with the right button, we select “page Source“, in this way we will have all of the source code of the page in question.
Instagram upload photos as JPEG/JPG, never in PNG format (for reasons of space) and then, opening the search tool of the browser, looking for JPG immediately find the link to our photos as it is the first result that the search returns.

Now that we have the link just copy it and paste it in the search bar to get the photo resolution to “maximum”.

Those who use Telegram knows that the use of a BOT can replace the functions that many websites offer, all within a single application.
Regram allows you to easily, download images by simply entering the link of the photo. It must be said that Telegram, in any chat, you can view and download pictures from Instagram by pasting the link and waiting for it to load the preview, but Regram allows you to download the full-resolution photos.

To use the Regram, like I said, you just need to paste the link as a message and hit the enter key. After this action, you will see our first message (with preview), followed by the “response” of the Bot that will allow us to download the photos at full resolution. Along with the photo will also appear throughout the description, including the hashtag.

The Bot provides us with some options including “Download with the highest quality“, i.e. the download of the photo, in fact, at the highest resolution. Tappandoci, the Bot and Telegram will do everything automatically and save them on our device, the photo in question.

DownloadGram is the fastest and most straightforward solution that we can find on the Web. By travelling on the official web-site of DownloadGram, we need to insert in the space provided the link of the photo (retrieved via the function “Copy Link” accessible via the three dots in the upper right corner of the picture) and click on Download for the system to automatically connect with Instagram allowing you to easily download the photos.

If we are to help and want to know a little bit more about Instagram, here are some of our more recent articles on the note platform the web.


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