How to download music from uTorrent

Published on Apr 20, 2018

uTorrent is a torrent client users favorite, so much so that for some has become synonymous with P2P file sharing. Many people wonder how to download music from uTorrent, in this article we will try to answer your questions.

Download music from uTorrent is really simple: the torrents are one of the methods of file sharing, faster and faster, suitable for albums, collections and discographies, not to the individual pieces that are easily obtained with other methods.

Download music in violation of the rights of authors is absolutely illegal and is a crime. The major music and the SIAE are very active in trying to pursue those who download the torrent music, for this reason, a large part of the international portals and search engines torrent recommend the use of a good VPN service referenced and that does not keep logs. We have reviewed three very valid, cheap and safe with these characteristics: NordVPN, PureVPN and IPVanish.

The first step is to download it with uTorrent, find the torrent file or the magnet link of the content you intend to download.

Soundpark is the search engine of torrent dedicated to musical excellence. Thanks to him, it is possible to find discography, singles and albums. On the engine, it is easy to find the works of any author, even of all the groups and artists little known. You don't need any registration for download, the site has a clear interface and linear. This engine has only one real flaw: it is rather slow to load, probably because it is often overloaded. If you often torrent the music should be in your bookmarks, you can find it at this address.

It is not a search engine designed to find torrent to musical content, but since it is a meta engine is able to combine the results of many tracker. By its nature it is one of the best ways to find music. If you want to know more about Torrentz2 please refer to our dedicated article.

This is a meta torrent search engine, combining results from more than 300 sites to give you the most complete results. Also Torrent Project by its nature is an excellent source of albums, discographies and libraries of well-known artists and less well known. You can reach this handy search engine at this address.

It is a less generic compared to the two solutions of which we spoke above. Mixtape is an engine dedicated particularly to the remix and the tracks of the DJ, you have reached the home you will see the last album included. The interface is really very simple, in addition, to find the artists that interest us, it is useful to the search box in the top right. On the website you can register and login, but the account serves only to comment on the release. If you want to access MixtapeTorrent you can find it at this address.

This is the music section of the famous site that contains free material available on the network. If you are looking for torrent of free music this engine makes for you, you can achieve it simply at this address.

Surely, this is not a specific search engine for the music, but it is one of the tracker with larger indexes: allows to find a lot of albums, discographies, and even individual artists little known. The use of KAT is simple, please refer to the dedicated article.

Also in this case, as for KAT, we are faced with a search engine general, however, in his huge index, many torrent music discographies, albums and collections). If you don't know this famous portal, we invite you to see our exploration.

Found the torrent or the magnet of the content of your interest you can go to the download real of which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Once you have found the content of interest can be added to uTorrent in a variety of ways:

Once downloaded you will find the file in your Downloads folder, unless you changed the default setting, in this case, you will find them in the folder of your choice.

If you want to become expert of uTorrent, we invite you to see our popular guide.

You can download torrents of music, just as easily, even through the other good BitTorrent clients, we have dedicated a study to the best.

If you are interested to download through the BitTorrent protocol, you might find these posts interesting:

Our exploration about how to download music from uTorrent it is concluded, let us know with a comment, if you use torrents to download music and what is your preferred source.


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