How to customize the car with the family sticker


Published on Oct 16, 2019


You have certainly seen on many machines those odd stickers that depict the members of the family of the driver with the name of the various components. In some cases, next to the human members, are there any pets such as cats or dogs. Meet car decorated with these strange stickers is becoming more common. Nothing to wonder, because over the last few years, the family glue, this is the name of these stickers is very special, has become a real trend and fashion.

Thanks also to social networks, the images that portray the many families and adhesive have a greater resonance. Of course, this means more advertising and spread even more. If you want to know how and where to find the best stickers to customize your car all you have to do to continue with the reading of the rear

As is always the case when it explodes, a new fashion, to be able to distinguish the original product from a copy is never simple. Today there are many companies and dealers of stickers of each type that you have to sell the original family bond. In reality, however, often these products are of poor quality and the aesthetics not cared for. There are few companies and brands that can claim the paternity of this model of stickers. Family adhesive (link client) is a brand created by the company of Mantua years a synonym of quality and fashion. The creators of the Family Adhesive were popular also abroad, thanks to the characteristics of their product.

There is a unique way to distinguish the stickers original family from those that are not. While the first are made with high quality material that allows them to remain attached to the car for 5 years, copies of the last very little. Very often, in fact, just very little to see their family adhesive break loose and end up on the ground. Only the stickes original follow you for years during your car trips.

The stickers original family sticker is the one that lets you get the maximum level of customization possible. Standard products or with a limited number of options for customizing are not original, but they are only copies (even done badly). Personalize your family sticker means enter on the individual faces of the component details such as mustache, beard, or eye glasses, a hair particular, a bag, or something that makes reference to the hobby being practiced. The goal of personalization is to portray each subject in a fun and entertaining way. Of course, any character can be entered his name making it truly unique.

Customize the stickers is really fun especially if done with your family, and then with their children. Since the number of possible combinations a lot, you can have fun with the portraits in total autonomy. Maybe you can choose the details of your face to your children and in this way you can also figure out how you're seen by them. Under this point of view, customize the family sticker ceases to be just a nice pastime and becomes an educational activity to all effects.

This activity continues even after the application of the stickers on the windows of your car. The family glue, in fact, may be of help to the children in the age of growth that they have in this way a further tool to take consciousness of belonging to a specific household. According to some studies see the whole family stuck on the glass of the car of the dad that helps to strengthen the perception of the family of the children. In short, customize your own car with the family sticker is an operation quite different from the customization of the car which is to change radically the interior and exterior according to your style.

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