How to crop a picture to make it suitable for a Story of Instagram


Published on Mar 16, 2018


When we take a photo with your iPhone and want to publish in this feed of Instagram, we have the possibility to load it in square format, or applying a sort of “zoom-out” to preserve the original format (horizontal or vertical).

If, instead, we want to load the image as a History, is automatically enlarged to fill the screen vertically. We can embrace, but we do not have any possibility to “move” the frame to the right or to the left, choosing to our liking which part of the photo show. Instagram forces the central part of the photo, even if, perhaps, the interesting subjects are on the extreme right or left side of the same.

For this reason, before publishing a photo as a Story, it may be appropriate to “cut it out”, choosing in a clear and precise way which part we want to frame (in our case we are interested in show off the iPhone, and its colored Background, certainly not the 3 pencils). To do this, there is an infinity of methods, you can do it also directly from the Photos application of iOS, but is a bit cumbersome.

For simplicity, in this paper we show how to proceed using the application Pixlr but we reiterate that the operation can be performed with hundreds of similar applications and with iOS.

Pixlr123RF LimitedGratis

After you open the application, click on “Photos” and choose the image from the camera Roll. At this point, click on the first icon at the bottom (two circles) and choose “Crop”. Click on 16:9 and then tocchiamolo again to turn it in 9:16.

Finally, we can move the area bounded by framing just the portion of the photo more interesting that we wish to publish in the Store of Instagram. When we are satisfied, click the checkmark in the bottom right, and save everything in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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