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Published on May 25, 2018


Have you spent hours and hours trying to manually merge a sequence of photos taken recently with your photo editing program to get a panoramic photo, but the results were not good? Then you are in the right place: today we're going to see how to implement and take panoramic photos using the software that do (almost) everything automatically.

AutoStitch is an excellent free program that allows you to create panoramic views automatically combining the photos you enter. The program, though it is a demo version, it works perfectly. Its strong point is definitely the simplicity of use, in fact, it is only necessary to insert the photos and he will take care of the rest.

To use AutoStitch, simply:

DOWNLOAD | AutoStitch

Image Composite Editor is a free program from Microsoft, which is also very simple. Unlike AutoStitch, however, requires that at the time of the insertion of the photo they are numbered in the order in which they should be assembled. The quality of the photos produced is excellent in most cases. In addition, after the automatic procedure also allows you to go to make manual changes (suitable for experienced).

Here's how to use Microsoft I. C. E.:

DOWNLOAD | Microsoft I. C. E

Also Hugin is a free software which allows you to make panoramic photos really good. Compared to Microsoft I. C. E offers more features, the only flaw (that won't appeal to beginners) is that the program is not automatic. In fact, if you want to get a panoramic photo of the highest quality, and you'll have to go a little hack here and there among the settings.

To proceed in the in the create panorama photos with Hugin you will need to:


It is a convenient alternative online, very easy to use and allows you to get fairly good results. To be able to use this service, but remember that you will need to register. You have completed the registration you will need to proceed with the uploading of photos and the site will do it all. You will be returned to the final file that you just save.

LINK | Clevr

It is a program that in the past he was in charge but now no more, that is able to create panorama photos are of excellent quality as long as the pictures are all vertical or all horizontal. For the rest you will not have to do anything else as it will be the program to make the appropriate adjustments to make the image almost perfect. The real strength of this tool, however, is the possibility to choose the algorithm that is of higher quality, for the price, of course, in terms of the time required for processing.

So if you have a computer powerful enough, by selecting the option best you will get a great view of eliminating the margins of the fusion, of course, provided that the photos have been taken well. Only sour note is the lack of the possibility to be able to provide you with a resolution custom exit, in fact, the program will be to offer the standard which, unfortunately, you'll have to adapt. Of course, the output image can also be changed manually by using all the options.

DOWNLOAD | Pos Panorama Pro

On modern smartphones, there is no more need of third-party applications to create panoramic photos, because by now it is integrated in virtually all of the camera apps pre-installed a mode to do this.

On the iPhone the procedure is always the same: do a swipe to the left in the Camera application and get up to the Panoramic mode, and then follow the on-screen instructions, et voilĂ , a panoramic photo will be ready in a few moments.

Panoramic mode on the iPhone

On Android you can always find the panoramic mode in the Camera application preinstalled, but because of the diversity between a variant of the operating system and another, the procedure is not always uniform, but you will have to search for a few moments how to get to the desired mode.

Once you have found, as said before, just follow the guidelines provided by the software, and in a moment it will be possible to create a stunning panoramic photo!

It is probably the most simple and effective way to create a panoramic photo from scratch from your smartphone rather than combining multiple images already made by the PC, but we assure you that with the right familiarity and mastery of the latter operation will not be so difficult.

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