How to create mosaic on Instagram


Published on Oct 09, 2017


If you are wondering how it is possible to reproduce the effect of mosaic on Instagram, we are here to explain you the implementation of this particular technique that makes your profile more attractive at the aesthetic level. Create a mosaic on Instagram is not difficult at all: everything is possible thanks to the use of the right applications.

The following is a list of the best for iOS and Android.


The first app that we want to talk to you, only available for iOS, Photo Grid – Tile Maker & Grid Post for IG Profile. We wanted to speak particularly of this app because it is the only one that does not have the annoying “watermark” after the completion of your mosaic, it's free and also recent.

The app is really simple to use: first of all, you'll have to decide the photos that must become your mosaic, we suggest that it is of excellent quality and can objectively pleasure as the purpose of these mosaics is to “beautify” your profile Instagram.

Once fate that you will also need to decide how many “pieces” you want to divide the photos: you can see the preview and decide on the type of grid to use and the location of the photo on the inside. Later, once you have clicked the check mark at the top, you can see your photo divided into panes: each pane is the equivalent of a post to Instagram, you can save them one by one, or directly share them on Instagram from the app and the game is done.

Probably the best app to create mosaics on Instagram that you will find available for iOS Devices. You can create huge panoramas connected by a series of square images and upload them to Instagram: in this way abbellirete a lot of your profile.

Each tile will combine with the next to form the final image: you also have the option to create multiple grids and change the style.

The best app is existing Grids for Instagram: free, well-built, it allows you to create grids 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 and the images can be published directly on Instagram or save (on microSD).

Instagrids works very well but has a big flaw: there is a watermark and to remove it you will have to pay. A real shame, because the app, apart from this hitch, it is very easy to use and guarantees excellent results.

We hope to be of some help: if you know the app the best and deserving to be on the list then don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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