How to control app and call the Mi Band 2

Published on Jan 24, 2017

The Mi Band 2 is definitely one of the wearable the most interesting in the trade, not only for its reduced price but also for the features offered. Used with the official app I Fit, however, we will get only the basic functionality, which could be debated to the more experienced users and seasoned.

In this guide we will see how to use the key with a soft-touch of the Mi Band 2 as a “magic button” to associate a series of operations where you can control the app, as we will see below.

The app to make the Mi Band 2 is still the most useful is called the Mi Band 2, Func Button, and is available to download at the end of the article.

Once downloaded you can specify the MAC address of the I Band and associated to the device wearable of the Xiaomi, as shown in the image below.

Press the Connect button in the app to pair the Mi Band 2. In the free version of the app we will be able to associate only four functions:

If we turn instead to the new energy savings mode we will lose the functionality associated to the twist of the wrist, but we stand to gain a lot more battery.

But what allows you to set the app default for each type of tap? You just have to open every single entry for the bind command.

We have the following features:

To be able to control a multimedia app we will have to first of all select it within the app. For example, if we use VLC to listen to music you just have to select the app to the item indicated in the image below.

While to check the calls just check the item shown in the following image (available by scrolling the items of the app).

We will be able to control the incoming calls in an intelligent manner according to the touch on the button of the Mi Band 2:

NOTE: on some operating systems, you must supply the permits management of all calls (Permits telephone) to let the app call control. On some phones it may not work the command to answer the call.

With the basic functionality that we have only “scratched the surface” of the potential of this app. Even with the free version you can associate a command Tasker to one of the taps, and the only limit is our imagination and skill in the use of Tasker. The app also provides a valid instruction to use Tasker to the fullest.

You can also download Tasker on Android from the following link.


If, instead, we are interested to know Tasker please refer to our dedicated guide.

Once you have created a function in Tasker (like for example the self-timer of the camera or start the WiFi or an app), it is sufficient to associate it as the active function to one of the commands available with the app.

You can also download the app Mi Band 2, Func Button free from the following link. The free version imposes a limit in the taps programmable, while the full paid version does not impose any limit to the number of taps are programmable (up to 100, if necessary).

DOWNLOAD | Mi Band 2, Func Button

We can read our review of the Mi Band 2, and other useful guides in the links available below.

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