How to check the quality of the Internet line


Published on Aug 28, 2017


Choose the offer that is ideal for connectivity to the Internet from the fixed network is increasingly difficult, thanks to the presence on the market of a growing number of managers and services ranging from standard ADSL to wireless, up to modern Fiber Optics. To further complicate this scenario, in and of itself is intricate, later replaced by factors such as the coverage of your area of interest, technologies used by managers within the same range of services, the maximum speed of navigation established by the contract and, last but not least, the price. Then, when the offer does not keep promises made at the time of purchase, then the user mounts a feeling of anger and frustration. Always justified? No, if you do not know the paper of the services, and does not know how to check the quality of the Internet line.

If you in the final choice of the tariff plan most suited to their needs come to the rescue of the specialized sites, such as the service of comparing offers, the internet home of, in the same way today, it is possible to make use of useful online tools to check the performance of your line and determine if they correspond to those referred to in the contract with the manager. Not everyone knows, in fact, that for the resolution of the communications authority (AGCOM) each manager is required to issue a Charter of Services to their offerings, a binding document for contractual purposes, in which are listed the following information:

Always the Authority for guarantees in communications, in addition, for some years has been active with the project for the evaluation of the quality of internet access MisuraInternet, a portal that provides the user a rich database with the comparison of the performance of the individual operators on the territory and, above all, with the software Nemesys and MisuraInternet Speed Test that allow you to analyze and certify its line of products in terms of speed and stability. This is not the traditional test for the speed of a handler, such as the speed test offered by the NGI for customers Eolo and not only that, but a measurement from the legal value, the performance detected through the project MisuraInternet are certified by the NRA and therefore allow the user to contact your supplier with the objective data at hand.

What does it mean? Once obtained the certification of the line, and on the basis of what is stated in the Paper of the Services, the user can request the network to the intervention for the resolution of the faults in certain times and, in the case of non-recovery, has the right to withdraw from the contract at any time and without penalty. In a sea of offers, the Internet is so vast and varied, the project MisuraInternet is then the anchor of salvation for those who, seduced by the rates inexpensive or promises not kept, he finds himself having to reckon with the need to change.


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