How to check remaining credit Three

Published on Feb 15, 2018

One of the worst nightmares of those who use permanently the mobile phone, to call and browse, is to remain without credit. Although the operators are pushing, in any way, users mate the sim card to a current account, many still use a true rechargeable battery, which requires, at certain times a, in fact, charging.

Today we will see how to check the remaining credit for your H3G users with 3 options: the evergreen switchboard, the website of the Three and also the much more convenient application.

The dear old switchboard there is help in these cases and, instead of 133, always a reference number for all information regarding the sim H3G, which, however, requires a process more long, just dial the toll-free number 4030 to receive, immediately, the required information without having to speak with any operator.

For those, however, will always have a computer handy and want to check, occasionally, the complete overview of your SIM, the official website of H3G, is the best solution. From the portal, in fact, we will be able to control everything that relates to the SIM card, then the active offers, the plan and all the current offers can be activated, including the remaining credit.

Simply enter in the Customer Area, log in (or register, if not already done) and go to “Control Costs”, the page that will appear in the credit total, the history of the refills, the thresholds of the active offers and various other useful details.

Site | Customer Area 3

The easiest method and is always available, however, is the official app of H3G, which is available both on Play Store and on Apple Store, the Customer Area 3.
The application is very light, both for RAM and for disk space, it is the most basic there is. Just open and logged in, in fact, the first available information is the remaining credit, and the thresholds of the active promotions.

Link | Customer Area 3 (Play Store)
Link | Customer Area 3 (Apple Store)

Through our tariff, in addition, you can access all the offers of mobile operators (including H3G) to compare and understand what is, for you, the better.



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