How to change user name on Instagram


Published on Jun 11, 2018


Instagram has managed to establish itself as one of the most used social network, like Facebook and Twitter. In little time they were created bots to automate actions and strategies to increase followers and like. Among the numerous functions proposed there is the possibility to change our user name. This function is very useful if in the past we have chosen a username a little imaginative, or if we want to make it easier to search our profile.

In this simple guide we will see how to change user name on Instagram is from the web version from the mobile version.

If we are in the habit of using Instagram from the mobile application dedicated for Android and iOS, the steps to follow are really simple.

This is done, we have changed correctly, our user name. In the same screen we can also change our name, the biography and private information, such as phone number and email.

You can change the user name also taking advantage of the web version of Instagram. The procedure that we will follow is very similar to the one seen above, and you can exploit it also for the PC and Mac versions.

In a few simple steps we have successfully modified our username. From this moment onwards, people will be able to find us more easily.

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