How to change the schedule of Channel 5 by 2020: the calendar of the first evening


Published on Dec 05, 2019


Publitalia has made known what should be the schedule of the Mediaset channels in the early evening from January 2020. And there are many confirmations but also a lot of news. We want to talk to you, in particular, of the schedule of Channel 5 with the first evening for the new year. Among the main novelties of 2020 on Channel 5 there is surely the arrival of Big Brother VIP. It had been said that the reality show could go on the air until Tuesday evening, but in reality, after the debut of the 7 January ( which it should be seen that the 6 the day of Epiphany is a Monday holiday then) should move to Monday evening. This clearly means that Live-it is Not the d'urso back in his classic position Wednesday evening. Not to Sunday, like it happened instead at the start of the season. Great expectation also for the new edition of There is mail for you that it should start immediately after the holidays, and of course I will go in wave on Saturday evening. Also this year, nothing to do for Maria de Filippi, which asks that by time of move Friends on another day of the week. Also this year it will be aired on Saturday.

But let's see in detail what will be the programming of Channel 5 for the winter 2020.

THE MONDAY’ on CHANNEL 5– Monday evening, the day will be dedicated to the fourth edition of Big Brother Vip conducted this year by Alfonso Signorini with Wanda Nara and the Baby at his side.

On TUESDAY CHANNEL 5– Tuesday evening still space to the Champions and when there will be football, there comes a film in the first vision ( hopefully).

THE WEDNESDAY CHANNEL 5– Barbara d'urso back on the Wednesday evening of the network, the appointment with the Live-it is Not the d'urso returned in the same lucky day of the last year.

THURSDAY CHANNEL 5– The Thursday night should go Who wants to be a millionaire, expected to show of Pio and Amedeo, and probably, if The show of the records were to return, we would see in this day of the week.

THE FRIDAY CHANNEL 5– The Friday night back to the fiction, and it is hoped that the securities proposed for 2020 are the most fortunate of the last aired in prime-time. The fiction in the calendar are Brothers Caputo, Masantonio and Made in Italy .

SATURDAY CHANNEL 5– Saturday night continues to reign the queen of Channel 5. Back to Maria de Filippi after the great success of You you que vales. For a period in solitary with the new edition of " c'è posta per te and then with Friends 19, the evening.

SUNDAY CHANNEL 5– Sunday evening should go in and wave a piece of fiction or a movie.

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