How to block click “add an extension to close this page”


Published on May 19, 2017


One of the messages most frequently between the various streaming sites for free is a annoying pop-up advertising that shows the message “click on add extension to close this page“. Close it is not difficult, just not to accept the invitation deceptive that is shown and click on the “X” of the tab of the browser. Often, however, if you're not ready to do so this message may appear several times.

Is there a way to permanently eliminate the problem with coins: you can prevent and block the display of pop-up with message “click on add extension to close this page”. How? By installing a handy extension to block pop-ups.

Our advice is to use Google Chrome and install the extension Poper Blocker, help To Block. Once on the page of the extension, click on the button in the top right to Add, and in this way you will not see appear the pop-ups while browsing, not even the annoying message “click to add an extension to close this page“.

By clicking with the right mouse button on the icon of the extension, which you will find in the toolbar of Chrome at the top, you can access the Options for configuration. I recommend you to uncheck “Show a notification on the page when a Popup is blocked” and “Show a badge on the toolbar button when a pop-up is blocked” if you do not want to receive notifications for each blocked pop-up.

From the entry Sites, you can exclude sites that you do not want to block.

If you do not use Chrome know that there are many extensions for many browsers. Among the most popular there is uBlock is very light and powerful, or you can refer to our leaflet linked to how to block advertisements and pop-ups while browsing. You can find everything at the following links:

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