How to block advertisements and pop-ups from your computer

Published on Feb 17, 2017

For several years advertising has developed, from the radio to the TV up to the web pages. Not all ads are annoying, and wrong in the setting or unnecessary, also allow the content creators (like bloggers, web sites, video maker...) to fund itself and continue to grow. But it is not always so.

It happens that unscrupulous people and dishonest farciscano web pages only for the purpose of gain, at the expense of the poor users who would like to read or find the content in peace.

Graph of the growth of ad blocking from the English Wikipedia

If you are looking for a way to block the advertising via the Android, read our following article:

Block advertising and pop-ups on Android

In this article we will see what are the best extensions for the most popular Internet browsers that allow you to block advertisements and pop-ups while you surf the web.

For Chrome there are numerous extensions, one of which we will list the main choices on the basis of several tests carried out on the real pages, let's see together:

All extensions are downloadable for free from the Chrome Web Store, accessible at this address.

Firefox includes a number considerably lower than of extensions to resolve the problem, but they are still interesting and sufficient:

All of the extensions for Firefox are available for download from this page.

For Safari there is Adblock Plus (ABP) is reachable at this address.

Opera is not a browser used by the bulk but has many advantages, such as synchronization of bookmarks, the on quick, and above all the engine Chrome.

In fact, thanks to this extension, it will be possible to all Opera users to download directly from the Chrome Web Store the same ad blocker, address the same for Vivaldi, which does not even need to download the preliminary special extensions, but it can connect directly to the Chrome store.

In addition, Opera allows the function of block insertions contained in the same browser. Just launch the browser and go into the Settings and in the top you'll find a section dedicated, with the ability to add sites excluded from the block (for example

Internet Explorer is more and more in disuse, but if you work in the office or you are simply fond of this historic browser we can advise you on this page, from which you can download Adblock specifically for IE.

For Edge, you need to go to the Microsoft store, (accessible by clicking on the icon of a bag with the Windows logo on it) from which, once entered, you will need to write adblock on the search bar in the top right corner and will be out of these three apps, already mentioned as extensions to the browser earlier.

To insert the exceptions to the sites, or select a series of sites on which you do not want to block the advertising, there is no fixed rule, but generally you have to click on the extension and search for a part dedicated to the options, or you will open a tab with all the specifications of the service, and you can make a whitelist with your favorite sites that you wish to preserve!

Alternatively, you can download this extension, currently available only for Chrome, Opera (if installed advance Download Chrome Extension seen in the previous paragraph) and Vivaldi, which will allow you to disable all extensions present in your browser with a single click!

There may be problems related to the display of web pages, especially on sites that use special scripts to alert adblock or do not allow the display of content until it is disabled the adblocker.

To this, there are solutions durable and safe, but only tricks (disable extensions temporarily, load the page without extensions, and immediately reload them, go to the bottom in the page source and try to delete the contents that bother) that we do not guarantee the effectiveness!

Our list is over, if you have any other extensions to recommend, or we have omitted some important let us know!

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