How to add folders to the search of Cortana

Published on Aug 16, 2016

Cortana and the built-in search in Windows 10 brought new life to those who, from time to time, wished to have everything at your fingertips Start.

Although the introduction of Cortana, is relatively recent, already by Windows 7, Microsoft allowed you to perform searches on local files using the Start menu. This mechanism was also taken up in Cortana on Windows 10, which is able to return results that are related to files and folders on the device, this is because of the indexing.

By default, however, are indexed only certain folders and certain extensions: in this guide we will see how to add folders to the search of Cortana, so you can also display the files contained in them in the local search.

The same result can also be extended to extensions.

Before continuing, we must, however, specify that the more paths you add, the more the index will be slow, the more the chances that Cortana uses a little more time to do its duty increases.

Go to the Start menu or Cortana and you, inside, “indexing Options”. Click or tap on the result is marked by the rectangle in the image.

To add new locations click on the Edit button of the new window.

To add a new path to navigate on it through the top part of the window and add a check mark next to the folder that you want to add to the search of Cortana.

Now click on “OK” to return to the main window: the new added folder or new folders added will be indexed and it may take time before the process ends (depending on the amount of files).

To manually start indexing, or to define the types of files to be indexed, click the Advanced button of the main window.

In the “Index Settings” you can choose to index encrypted files, delete and re-create the current directory (this operation is recommended if the search does not work) or change the path of the index.

From the file Types window, as already said, you can define the file extensions to be indexed, and possibly to define new extensions to index, if not present.

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