How to add, delete, and search contacts on Telegram


Published on May 24, 2018


Functional, fast and intuitive: these are three adjectives that describe Telegram, a messaging application that more and more often is preferred by the users compared to WhatsApp.

The transition from one platform to another is never too simple, but with some trick you can work around this problem. In particular, in this guide we will see how to add, delete and search contacts Telegram.

To add contacts to Telegram, you need to:

Alternatively, if you already know the number of the user, you can add it in your address book as a contact.

To delete contacts Telegram, you must follow a procedure similar to the one above:

Also, to delete a contact from your address book does not resolve the problem clearing it on the Telegram, for which it is recommended to follow this quick procedure.

To manage your contacts Telegram (that must necessarily be saved) and, in particular, to search them, you need to:

Another method to search for a contact, is the following:

If something did not go as it should, you probably have encountered some problems.

In particular, can derive from the fact that the contact is not stored. In this case, it would be best to use Google Contacts to manage contacts, Android, or, if the contact was previously stored in the SIM card or in the memory of your old phone, you should understand how to import contacts in Android phone book.

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