How to activate and use iMessage, and FaceTime | Guides for Beginners #3 [Video]


Published on Feb 17, 2017


We continue our heading “Beginner's Guides” through which we provide video simple to follow, with the purpose of helping all those less experienced people to use their iPhone without asking for the help of friends, children or grandchildren.

If you find that you often to help people who are less tech-savvy, the next time you ask for help you could send them one of our videos in a way that allows them to learn how to manage the smartphone independently, without taking up more time.

iMessage and FaceTime are the two services that are included directly in the operating system of your iPhone and allow you, respectively, to exchange messages free of charge (like Whatsapp) or call voice and video calls to your friends completely free of charge.

To activate the services is sent an SMS to an international number (which may be charged on credit), but the operation is done once, after that you can take advantage of this two functions without limits and without costs.

The iPhone will automatically detect phone numbers that have an iPhone, and when you send an SMS to these people, it will automatically turn into “blue” and will be free of charge.

To make a video call free instead, you just need to open the address book, enter a contact and click the icon “FaceTime”. Alternatively, you can also use the Phone application or the application “FaceTime” to do exactly the same thing.

Activate iMessage and FaceTime is very simple. After the initial power-up and configuration of the iPhone, you will see a pop-up automatically and will ask you to activate the services. If it has already happened and you have closed the pop-up refusing the request, you can always turn the services on in the Settings, as we show in the video below.




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