How much of our life we dedicate to sex?

Published on May 18, 2016

The brand of shoes has commissioned an extensive survey on the time that we spend doing physical exercise, use or only check the sms and mail on the smartphone and, of course, also on the time that we devote to sexual activity. The results are a bit disappointing. Certainly, if rientramo in the sample of 9 thousand people surveyed in the United States, Germany, France and Mexico, we must begin to give us a move and reverse our habits.

Reebok has calculated an average life active 69-year-old, that is, 25.915 days. Much of this time we spend with a partner, that is, at least 1.769 days. Of course, many of the most of the time we spend running in the park or in the gym: the 0,69% of our existence, that is, 180 days 25 thousand. A little little bit also in this case. On the other hand, it is amazing how much time we spend on the phone, texting or just check our smartphones: at least 10.625 on 25.915.

And the sex? How much time we devote to sex? Not more than 0.48% of our life! That is, not more than 117 days 69 years.


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